About Budget101.com including how we came to be, our site creator and author as well as the resources we offer at no cost!

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  • About Budget101 & Liss Burnell

    Budget101.com began one cool autumn day in 1995 at a time when a handful of ladies met online daily to discuss their lives and share ideas. Budget101 was initially created in at the request of several of these lively ladies who yearned to live within their means and get out of debt utilizing the resources that they currently had on hand. What started as a handful of people has grown to thousands.

    Our Founder

    Budget101.com was founded over a decade ago by Melissa Burnell, known to her friends as "Liss". As a busy Wife, Mother of 2 active teenage boys and full time computer consultant, Liss understands the value of both time and money. She strives to provide new ways to save money in an ever struggling economy.

    Our Mission
    To provide cost-effective, time-saving budgeting techniques, that may be utilized by anyone working in or out of the home. At Budget101.com, we strive to help people utilize the tools and resources they have available to dig themselves out of debt.

    Resources Offered:

    Currently, we offer the following resources to our guests and members:

    • Budget101.com- Over 1,600,000 pages of information sitewide within our forums & articles sections encompassing all areas regarding Home & Garden, Recipes, Do it Yourself and more

    • Grocery Budget101.com- an Extensive resource focusing on the reduction of the grocery budget, as well as our (nearly) famous $50 weekly Menu Plans

    • WAHM.Budget101.com - A collection of Work At Home information for those seeking to find employment from their homes or help and ideas with starting a Home-Based Business

    Budget101.com Today

    Today, Budget101.com consistently ranks in the Top 10,000 sites available online. Dedicated to helping people get the most for their money, providing resources to those that need it, Budget101.com continually adds new recipes, articles and ideas.

    Budget101.com is able to develop business relationships and revenue opportunities with its Partners by offering comprehensive marketing strategies to many of the world's leading brands, who value and seek out female consumers; Whether you are a viewer, a Web site publisher, or a sponsor, we welcome you into Budget101.com and hope that you will visit and enjoy all we have to offer.

    If you represent a sponsor or agency and would like additional sales information, please contact our

    • Sponsorship and Sales office at: Inquiry

    If you have questions, comments, general inquiries or if you would like to submit an article, please feel free to Contact us

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    Comments 8 Comments
    1. bethaliz6894's Avatar
      bethaliz6894 -
      I was just poking around on the site this evening and ran across this posting. I clicked to read more. I cant believe this web site has been around for 12 years. WOW! that is really awesome.
    1. grandma9903's Avatar
      grandma9903 -
      I tried to find the ingredients for the home made laundry soap at Walmart, they did not have any of the ingredients. Could you tell me what stores that you know carry the ingredients?

      Thank you.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by grandma9903 View Post
      I tried to find the ingredients for the home made laundry soap at Walmart, they did not have any of the ingredients. Could you tell me what stores that you know carry the ingredients?

      Thank you.
      They will always be found in the laundry aisle:
      Walmart in the laundry aisle
      Kmart (more expensive than walmart/target)
      Occasionally Big Lots
      Food Lion
      Shop & Save
      Stop & Shop
      pretty much EVERY big grocery chain store

      Alternatively, if you cannot locate them locally, they can be purchased on Amazon and still cheaper than regular detergent. Also, we frequently give away Laundry Sauce Kits- which is enough of the ingredients to last about 1 year.
    1. jantaylor's Avatar
      jantaylor -
      Im so glad to find this web site. I am currently on lay off & need to stretch my dollars as much as possible. Thank you for the many ideas & articles you have to help me cope in a frugal manner!
    1. highlighter's Avatar
      highlighter -
      I live on a very tight budget, and appreciate all the advice I have see on this site. I can't wait to try all or at least most of them. THANK YOU !!!!
    1. Wrinkleyold's Avatar
      Wrinkleyold -
      This is one awesome site. If someone can't find what they need here, then it's probably no where. I can't believe the wealth of info! Thank you!
    1. lajean4's Avatar
      lajean4 -
      i have just started to explore this awesome site. wow!!
    1. mrskorba's Avatar
      mrskorba -
      Liss, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for my mini crockpot from the challenge, it came in the mail today! I really do love this site and even though I don't say too much on here (not too good with words) I do try and visit often and read everything! You have done an awesome job making this site and all the ad ons FB,Twitter Etc. as great as they are and helped and improved the lives of tons of people. Me especially Thank you! Lisa Korba
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