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    1. kstevens80's Avatar
      kstevens80 -

      this is a great site! thank you so much for sharing all of these tips! i recently had to leave my job due to some pregnancy complication and that leaves us very strapped for cash!

      this is so much help! thank you again!!!
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      You're quite welcome! Welcome to the site! We try to add as many different items as we can to help a wide range of folks. You might like our tips and tricks area, it offers lots of suggestions for inexpensive baby care and things for the little ones.

      Budget101.com - - Kids ~n~ Babies
    1. dstanfel's Avatar
      dstanfel -
      so glad i found this site. its just what i have been looking for.
    1. monkeesilly's Avatar
      monkeesilly -
      i'm sorry, i'm confused. how do you use the templates that pull up?
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by monkeesilly View Post
      I'm sorry, I'm confused. How do you use the templates that pull up?
      I'm not sure I'm understanding your question as it is worded, but I'm going to give it a go anyway.

      It depends on the template, you just fill in your own information so you can see where your money is really going each week, month. It shows you a guideline so you know which areas to reduce your spending so you can tell what to work on, it also helps you see whether or not you have enough income for what you are spending each month too.

      If you're asking how to fill In the templates, most of them are in Microsoft xcel and they are spreadsheets. You plug in your info and many of them autocalculate for you.
    1. Mila Wilson's Avatar
      Mila Wilson -
      these are very handy,thank you...
    1. bigbadbitty1's Avatar
      bigbadbitty1 -
      budgets 101Thank you has a ton of fabulous ideas Thank you so much for all of them, I love this site. Thank you again will post again when I try the Amazing Scum Removing Cleaner.
    1. jo5645's Avatar
      jo5645 -
      i like to read new budget tips.
    1. COSenior's Avatar
      COSenior -
      was looking at each link because the items on this page are of particular interest to me. did you know that several of the budget template links are broken and get a 404 error? I was also surprised to see that the Grocery Budget link is broken and for some reason the Grocery Guide tells me I don't have permission to view it.

      I do appreciate the simplicity of the spreadsheets that are working. Although I'm capable of doing this for myself, it's so much easier when a template is already made, and so attractive in the case of the garden budget, in particular! Just looking at them gave me some ideas for tracking several of my projects, like home remodeling.

    1. jessand's Avatar
      jessand -
      i have a monthly budget that i use that i just created in excel. but i guess you have to know how to use excel and know how to use the formulas. i plug in my numbers and it does all the calculations.

      easy peasy.
    1. JuneWeaver's Avatar
      JuneWeaver -
      just set up a monthly budget plan! i feel better already... ready to focus on where all my money is truly going!
    1. salleejadie's Avatar
      salleejadie -
      i am so happy i found this site. i am single and finding it difficult to adjust after many years of cooking, shopping etc for a family of 5 to single portions. Hints and tips on here are a great help.

      Thank you so very much.
    1. aperez531's Avatar
      aperez531 -
      i don't know where to leave this idea or question, so ...

      i loathe buying cards for events. the presents themselves, not such a big deal. but i absolutely hate spending $4 - $5 on a 'good' card 2 - 3 times a month.

      I just bought card stock (Sam's Club, 7.23 for a ream) and color cartridges for my printer ($29.43 for cyan, magenta, and yellow at an ink refill place) and was going to start making our greeting cards with the use of americangreetings.com. One month = $3.99. So, I'm thinking after 10 cards, I've gotten my money back.

      Anyone have any better / lower cost ideas? Anyone tried this? Is it worth it or am I 'chasing my tail'?
    1. Sandman's Avatar
      Sandman -
      lot's of great information here.
    1. cactusrosenaz's Avatar
      cactusrosenaz -
      thank you so much for compiling all of this great information!! due to health/pain issues, i can no longer work full time as a nurse so do volunteer paramedic work. sad to say, we have let our credit card balances rise and need to get them under control.

      i'm trying to save money in all areas so we can get out of debt.
    1. jmbart's Avatar
      jmbart -
      i think you have just pointed me in the direction we need to go to get a handle on just what to do! thank you! i'll be referring to you a lot.
    1. turtlewith3's Avatar
      turtlewith3 -
      thank you after my hubby lost his job due to emergancy surgery things are tight and any help i take to heart now that he found a job after recovery i can use the site to help us get back on track. this site is amazing!
    1. letsdeal's Avatar
      letsdeal -
      these are very useful, thanks!
    1. Angie192's Avatar
      Angie192 -
      thanks for all the information. in this economy we need all the help we can get.
    1. robynwarren's Avatar
      robynwarren -
      i am planning to leave my job of 13 years to be a SAHM and we will be going from $80,000 per year down to $35,000. I am trying to find as many helpful items to not only help us get through the transition, but to make our lives comfortable!
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