Budget101 book advertising package

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    Advertise Your Book On Our Homepage:

    List your latest book on our homepage: either our front website homepage or the Links homepage or another page of your choice.

    The book MUST BE, of the following type: Budgeting, Business, Colleges, Career, Cooking, Investing, Personal finance, Home Buying, Frugality, Saving Money, Homemaking, Recipes, or similar. Your Ad will be placed in the varying positions on the homepage. You must have graphics of your book available on the web.

    • 1. List your current book on our homepage for 30 days plus you will get a link to Amazon.com or your publisher, as
      desired. Includes a book picture (125x125) and text ad.

    Order ID # BK AD #1 $85.00

    *Includes E-Book Advertising*

    Should you have additional Questions regarding any of the ad packages we offer, please feel free to contact our Advertising Support Team.

    *Ads Do Not Renew Automatically*

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