• BBQ Bash Edible Centerpieces

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    1. DisneyGwrrl's Avatar
      DisneyGwrrl -
      omg, the sea turtle watermelon is awesome! thanks!
    1. itsmeReesi3's Avatar
      itsmeReesi3 -
      omg!! this is amazingly creative!
    1. Lindak's Avatar
      Lindak -
      i love the creativity of these. i will be doing some of them with my grandson...
    1. Kimberlysue's Avatar
      Kimberlysue -
      i love the pig and the boat, but the hedgehog is my favorite. can't wait for summer.
    1. myhoodlums4's Avatar
      myhoodlums4 -
      omg!!! these are the cutest watermelon centerpieces that i have ever seen!! i am going to try the football helmit for the end of our football season!!
    1. bagaki's Avatar
      bagaki -
      nice to see so many different ideas! the football helmet would be great for my fantasy football get-togethers.
    1. DeborahBarrett's Avatar
      DeborahBarrett -
      great ideas love that there are several different patterns!
    1. craftychic's Avatar
      craftychic -
      wow i love this!!! very good idea and fun too!!
    1. TSlu1's Avatar
      TSlu1 -
      I don't know why I never thought of doing this with a watermelon before, but I'm so glad I found this! How creative! I love the beach party one.

      I'd like to make many of these! Is there any way to make these last a bit longer? I'm not sure, but it seems as though they would be much like pumpkins in their longevity.

      I'm always disappointed by how quickly our pumpkins start to "cave" after they've been carved. I have been told to soak them in water from time to time, but I've not tried that yet. Would that work with watermelons as well?

      I'm not sure if it works on pumpkins or not, but I'd like to see. Great project!
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