Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Meals

  • Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Meals

    Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Meals


    Using small aluminum loaf pans (the mini ones, washable/reusable) you can make entire Turkey dinners to freeze and reheat in the oven later, Drop in a slice of turkey, a scoop of potatoes, serving of squash, even peas & gravy, fill it right up to make a delicious single serving.

    You can use 9x9 cake pans and create a dinner for the entire family. Cover with tinfoil and freeze. To serve, place in 350F oven for 30-40 minutes. To ensure the moistness of your dinner, you can place a bread pan with hot water in the oven while it reheats.

    Delicious, Nutritious and virtually mess free. A great meal you can toss into the oven, tastes like you've cooked for days.

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