• Make Your Own Personalized Clock

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    1. ChunkyMunky's Avatar
      ChunkyMunky -
      The graphic in this clock is adorable. We're making one for grammy, but I'm using a cute picture of the kids. I'll post pics when its done.
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
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    1. DorofromKs's Avatar
      DorofromKs -
      I did something similar to this quite a while back. I bought 3 clocks of this type (Black) and made a set of three time zone clocks. I removed the faces. Just above the 6 I glued three city names I had printed off... Los Angeles, Denver and New York. Replaced the faces and set the appropriate times to the cities. I have used this idea as a gift for men. Not bad for around $10 dollars!
    1. CoolCat's Avatar
      CoolCat -
      I love this idea- and the photos too!
    1. phunkyphreak's Avatar
      phunkyphreak -
      This would make a nice gift
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