Parents of Twins Survival Kit

  • How to use a Survival Kit:

    1. Gather the Items listed in the kit
    2. Print out a cute listing of the contents so that the recipient knows what each item is for.
    3. Place the items in a baggie
    4. Print out the topper, fold it over the top of the baggie containing the survival kit contents and staple it shut

     Please note that Most of the survival kits listed have free printable toppers available to print here.

  • Parents of Twins Survival Kit

    Parents of Twins Survival Kit

    a WHOLE Bag of Cotton Balls...for times when you can't hear yourself think

    Two Pieces of case you get to the end of yours

    Two Rubber remind you to stretch and grow with your children

    Sweet & Sour remind you that every child is different remind you that children grow up too fast

    Puzzle remind you that you are an important piece in the journey of each of your children replace the ones you've lost and the kids have claimed remind you to laugh...get a little
    nutty and keep the humor of life alive

    Tootsie remind you to roll with the punches - things will get a little hectic with twins. you never feel alone in the dark

    Do Not Disturb remind you that you need time to yourselves

    Aspirin...for when all else fails...take two each. remind you that your job as parents is worth a mint

    A piece of velcro...for when you need to get a grip

    Hugs and Kisses...because you'll need lots of them too.

    Pack of remind you that everything works when you "stick" together.

    Tea remind you to take time to reflect on your blessings

    Crayon-To color your Familys Day cheerful and bright.

    Penny- So you'll never be completly broke

    Band-aid- For hurt feelings; yours or someone elses.

    Lifesaver-For always being there when your children
    need you.

    Eraser- Because we all make mistakes; sometimes it will be you and sometimes it will be your child.

    Paper Clip - So you can hold it all together.

    Clothespin- Because sometimes being the grownup stinks!

    Submitted by Rhonda

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    1. shartsalot's Avatar
      shartsalot -
      this is an awesome idea. uplifting for first time moms of multiples. i'm going to make this for my friend in that situation.
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