The Yard Stick and other Funny homemade Frugal Gag Gifts

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  • The Yard Stick

    The Yard Stick

    The Yard Stick is a stick (with personality of course...)

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    This is a yard stick.
    I know this cause I found it in my yard.
    You can do many things with this yard stick -
    you can check to see how deep a mud puddle is...
    you can check to see how much gas is in the lawn mower...
    You can play catch with dog with it...
    you can even use it to start a fire.
    You can use it for whatever you wish, just DON'T put it back in my yard!!!

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    1. Nicola's Avatar
      Nicola -
      This is too cute!
      Made me laugh out loud. I must use this one.
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