Redneck Gag Gift Topper Poem is a perfect gift tag accompaniment to homemade jerky, sausage or any game meat. Includes free printable tags

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  • Redneck Gag Gift Topper Poem

    This Redneck Gag Gift Topper Poem is a hilarious gift poem that can be included with homemade jerky or summer sausage.

    Print the following Poem and attach to the gift (jerky, sausage, etc)
    Billy Joe and Bobby Joe,
    Bubba cakes and me
    Skinned us this here possum
    Hanging from the tree
    Billy Joe told Bobby Joe
    That we should make a deal
    That's why I'm sendin' you this gift
    Instead of our road kill!
    Created by the Super Talented 2004 Jennifer Byerly

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