• Magic Reindeer Food

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    1. michelle69's Avatar
      michelle69 -
      I did this with my boys when they were younger. We'd come home after opening gifts at their grandparents and Midnight Mass. It helped to settle them down so Santa could make his appearance.

      Good memories!!!
    1. sam042013's Avatar
      sam042013 -
      haven't tried this before.
    1. annamb57's Avatar
      annamb57 -
      i think i will make this for the grandkids this year
    1. Wrinkleyold's Avatar
      Wrinkleyold -
      kids love this kind of thing! they also like the reindeer poop, where you put chocolate chips in a bag. lol
    1. babylove85's Avatar
      babylove85 -
      thank you,that's such a neat idea...now i can't wait for christmas
    1. angelacr's Avatar
      angelacr -
      we used to make this in school and my neighbor was asking me how to make it. thanks so much.
    1. MBCBee's Avatar
      MBCBee -
      Thanks so much for the mix, definitely be doing it this year
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