Santa Key is a wonderful crafty gift to give to children who are afraid Santa wont visit them because they don't have a chimney, free printable topper included

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  • Santa Key

    Some children, who don't have chimneys, catch on to that fact pretty early. Here is a creative gift to help allay their fears that Santa won't be able to visit their home . . .
    No Chimney? No Problem! Santa Key Gift for Small Child

    Dear Santa,
    We don't have a chimney and
    I was worried as could be
    About how you'd bring the
    presents to my family and me.
    But now I've solved the problem
    And I'm not sad anymore,
    For hanging from this ribbon
    Is the key to our front door.
    Hugs + Kisses + Love from me

    (Hang a cute tag printed from the computer to an old fashioned skeleton key *craft shops have them*, with a pretty ribbon.)

    Free Printable

    © Can Stock Photo Inc. / sCukrov

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    1. drea's Avatar
      drea -
      This is too cute, what a great idea for little kids.
    1. mary0703's Avatar
      mary0703 -
      Cute idea the kids will love this
    1. beckhamDavid066's Avatar
      beckhamDavid066 -
      Well first of all thank you so much for sharing this piece of information and I was looking for it. The idea that you have mention is quite good and surely I am going to use these ideas.
    1. MBCBee's Avatar
      MBCBee -
      Lovely verse to go with the key
    1. JFK59's Avatar
      JFK59 -
      Printable link goes to blank page!?
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by JFK59 View Post
      Printable link goes to blank page!?
      Printables are not accessible via mobile devices.
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