Make your own Winter Windshield Wipes to keep on hand in your vehicle, they don't freeze and they wont dry out your skin when you use them!

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  • MYO Winter Windshield Wipes

    Here's a simple way to keep your windshield clean and ice free throughout the winter with these easy homemade Winter Windshield Wipes.

    20 to 24 Squares of white Bounty-brand paper towels
    1 cup Witch Hazel*
    1 teaspoon Glycerin*

    Separate & Fold each square like a washcloth and place them in a sealable plastic container such as rubbermaid or gladware. Combine Witch Hazel and Glycerin, mix well and pour over towelettes. Let stand for a few minutes to absorb all of the liquid. Use them to wash your windshield (the exterior part).

    Store the remainder of the wipes under the seat of your car, use to clean your windshields or your hands whenever you need, won't dry out your hands and won't freeze!

    A Note about the ingredients:

    First, if you aren't familiar with Witch Hazel, it is frequently found in the First aisle near the peroxide and rubbing alcohol and is quite inexpensive. You can also find it at the dollar store. Glycerin can also be found in the pharmacy/health section near the band-aids. Food grade glycerin can be found near cake decorating supplies.

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    1. DisneyGwrrl's Avatar
      DisneyGwrrl -
      We've used these wipes every winter since I first discovered the recipe on the budget101 discussion list a few years ago. I have a tendency to double the glycerin amount. Also, it doesnt pay to use cheaper paper towels, they break too easy when you wash the windshield.
    1. AMACAR's Avatar
      AMACAR -
    1. MrsPaws's Avatar
      MrsPaws -
      Quote Originally Posted by AMACAR View Post
      I've only used them on the outside.
      I doubt I would use them on the inside, but I can't think of any reason why or anything it would actually hurt...
    1. dkmonzon's Avatar
      dkmonzon -
      I'm confused how to use these. Do you wipe the windsheild before hand to keep it from icing, or after to clean the ice/snow off?
    1. dkmonzon's Avatar
      dkmonzon -
      I'm confused as to how to use these. Do you wipe the windows before it freezes, to keep it from icing? Or do you use it to clean up the snow/ice?
    1. ckendrick01's Avatar
      ckendrick01 -
      I like these better than the idea I've been seeing about using vinegar and water to spray because of potential paint damage.
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