Create your own family of magnet dress up dolls and poetry magnets for the refrigerator

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  • MYO Magnet Fun

    MYO Magnet Fun
    Created by Liss Burnell, ©2003

    You'll Need the following:

    2 sheets of Inkjet Magnet Sheets
    Computer Printer
    Decent Scissors
    Clip Art/ Graphics that you enjoy
    Step #1: Open any graphics or print shop type program & create a blank Page.
    Step #2: Create a Table with individual squares and add a different graphic to each square, depending on what you'd like the finished product to be
    Step #3: Print your magnets, cut them out and place them in an attractive box, decorated jar, or in a baggie with a topper on it.
    Step #4: Stick them to the fridge or a filing cabinet and let the kids have a ball! Or, see the tip below on frugal decorating!
    This makes a wonderfully, easy, educational gift for just a couple dollars!

    Additional Gift Ideas:

    Magnet Word Art:
    using your word perfect or any text word program choose a font you like and write out as many words as you can think of to fill a page. Cut out each word individually & place them in a cute gift box. This gift is perfect for kids who are learning new vocabulary, working on sentences & punctuation. You can divide the words up into nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Not only is this educational, but your kids will spend hours playing with them & creating stories. Note: If creating word art, I suggest creating a table so you'll have all the same size magnets.

    Additional Idea: Poetry Magnets, Haiku,

    To Download some common words Click Here

    Create a Barn and tons of various barnyard animals, cut them out and let your child play for hours.

    Magnet Dolls... Remember paper dolls when you were a kid? I remember.. they were fun, but they ripped easily & the tabs often fell off. You can easily print your own paper-dolls, outfits, hairstyles & accessories onto magnetic sheets, cut them out for hours of creative fun.
    • Doll & Hair
    • Hair for Friends
    • Clothing for Friends in Various Themes

      Special Thank You to Terri at for sharing her graphics with us for this project!
    • Animals... print out color photos of various animals, bugs, insects, plants, dinosaurs, etc

    Here is an AWESOME site of Clip art in every category imaginable

    Create a Beast - Create wild shapes and colors, cut them out and place them in a decorative box, (personalize one using your computer.) Let your child create his or her own wacky magnet beast creature by stacking the different shapes on top of one another. (If they want to give them as gifts after they are created, simply use a little Elmer's glue!)

    Travel Games: Print a tic-tac- toe board or Checkers Board & magnetic "game" pieces. Simple to store, easy to play in the car

    Frugal Decorating Idea:

    Did you know they sell Magnetic Paint at the store? Why not paint a strip in your child's room or playroom & add several homemade magnet sets to the strips. They could have word art, a barn & animals, Trucks & Cars for Racing, Dolls, Cartoon & book Characters, the possibilities are endless. With a small can of paint, you could transform a room for just a couple dollars.

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    1. DorofromKs's Avatar
      DorofromKs -
      testing 1 .. .2..3.. testing 1..2..3... test test
    1. Vampixen's Avatar
      Vampixen -
      This sounds Neat..Gonna have to make this one..
    1. melellis's Avatar
      melellis -
      I have some public domain paper dolls that will work wonderfully for this!
    1. BlackRaven's Avatar
      BlackRaven -
      I just recently made these for my son. He just moved into his new home and I wanted a unique gift for his house warming. I thought him and his wife would enjoy leaving each other messages everyday!!

      They loved them!!
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