Autumn Floral Ideas

  • Autumn Floral Ideas

    Place some Cut wheat or sunflowers in a small wicker basket, attach a bow

    Make Corn Husk Dolls & Flowers

    Dried Apple slices make beautiful wreathes or garland. To prevent browning, dip them in lemon juice prior to drying. Add Cinnamon Sticks & bow or ribbon

    Hang Indian Corn on the front door & Near entry ways

    Fall Mums are easy to grow & last several weeks in various colors.

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    1. Candace's Avatar
      Candace -
      Last fall I gathered up my children and we took a walk in the woods to decorate our house. We gathered broken tree branches, cattails, shafts of wheat, pine cones and various kinds of seed pods. I bought a $1 straw wreath at the dollar store and attached the various seed pods and leaves (from your preserved leaf page!) onto the wreath. It came out awesome.
    1. newella's Avatar
      newella -
      I have never dried drying apples before. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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