Create a great inexpensive family gift with this do it yourself Family Pizza Night Gift Basket Idea

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  • Family Pizza Night Gift Basket Idea

    What family doesn't love PIZZA?! Line a Gift Basket with a pretty tablecloth (or placemats, or linen napkins) or place everything on a Pizza stone or pizza pan and wrap with clear cellophane.

    Fill it with the Following:

    * Pizza Dough Mix (Or Gluten Free Pizza Mix )
    * Italian Pizza Seasoning Mix
    * Add a Jar of Pizza Sauce
    * Stick of Pepperoni
    * Deep Dish Pizza Pan or a Pizza Stone
    * Pizza Cutter

    Make this a Really great Family gift by adding a gift card for 2 movie rentals from Blockbuster or Redbox and toss in a couple Popcorn seasoning mixes
    to enjoy during the movie!

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