Diaper rash (also known as irritant Diaper Dermatitis) is a very common infection that causes the baby's skin to become red, scaly, raw and irritated. Here are several tried and true home treatments and remedies for basic diaper rash . . .

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  • Diaper Rash Cure

    Dirt Cheap Diaper Rash Cure
    Diaper Rash can be just as frustrating for the parents as it is for the poor baby afflicted with it! Mom and dad often feel horrible that baby has a painful rash and wonder whether they could have done anything to prevent it to begin with. Diaper rash (also known as irritant Diaper Dermatitis) is a very common infection that causes the baby's skin to become red, scaly, raw and irritated. Here are several tried and true home treatments for basic diaper rash . . .

    Contributing factors to diaper rash are hot & humid weather, skin allergies, new materials in diapers (change of brand), poor laundering
    of homemade diapers, infrequent changing, and sensitive skin.

    Diaper Rash Cure
    Mix Plain Milk of Magnesia and corn starch in equal amounts to make a creamy consistency. Wash and lightly dry the affected area and then apply liberally.

    To Help a Diaper Rash Heal:
    Burned flour is the quickest remedy we're aware of and by far the cheapest. Put 1 cup regular all purpose flour in a fry pan on the stove on low heat. (Be sure that the flour dust doesn't go all over the kitchen, flour can ignite!) Stir it until it turns brown. Cool Completely and transfer into a shaker top jar. Use as you would baby Powder.

    Breast Milk Cure
    If you happen to be nursing, this remedy is favorite of many moms! Bathe the baby and then dry him or her gently. Apply breast milk to the affected area and let it air dry. Repeat 3x's to make "layers". Apply lanolin over the dried breast milk.
    This has been reported by many moms to heal the worst diaper rash cases.

    Old Time Trick
    Grandma reports that in her day they used good ol' fashioned lard, simply wash the affected area, dry and slather on a generous helping of lard (solid shortening). While lard isn't widely used in kitchens any longer, if it's all you've got on hand, why not give it a try!

    Other Factors that will help prevent Diaper Rash:

    • Avoid Commercial Baby Wipes- these products contain alcohol and other chemicals that remove the natural oils on your baby's skin. Instead, Make your own regular or anti-fungal baby wipes

    • Vinegar to the Rescue: Urine (particularly Stale Urine) is very alkaline and will burn the skin much like acid does. This can be easily neutralized by adding 1/2-3/4 cup of white vinegar to the rinse water when washing cloth diapers. Alternatively, if you're using disposable diapers, create a spray bottle of 1 TBS White Vinegar to 8 Tbs Water, and spritz the dry clean bottom lightly. Let
      it air dry

    • Switch Diaper Brands- if you're using disposables, frequently changing baby and she's still getting a rash, consider switching brands.

    • Avoid Fabric Softeners & Dry Sheets- if you're using cloth diapers, avoid washing them with fabric softeners which often contain extremely dangerous chemicals and avoid using dryer sheets. If at all possible, Line Dry cloth diapers. We recommend this Homemade Laundry Detergent for Washing Diapers

    What are your favorite Home Remedies for curing Diaper Rash?

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    1. lmitchell's Avatar
      lmitchell -
      Thank you for these tips. Aysia had an allergic reaction to Surf detergent that we used on her cloth diapers. We quickly gave her a bath, let her air dry and play on a towel for a bit so the rash could dry out some more, then we put Butt Paste on her. We obviously rewashed her diapers and covers in our homemade detergent. The rash is almost completely gone now. She was screaming in pain. Poor little bug.
    1. tabj320's Avatar
      tabj320 -
      believe it or not my Grama used Crisco on my daughter and it worked like a charm!!!
    1. ybanks522's Avatar
      ybanks522 -
      When I had my kids, I used an over-the-counter anti-fungal medication that really cleared up the diaper rash. I didn't use it unless it was needed. Otherwise, just plain ole cornstarch did the trick. I will be checking out the anti-fungal baby wipes someone mentioned above.
    1. MsDebbie's Avatar
      MsDebbie -
      If it is a really bad rash with blisters it could be a yeast infection, this is very painful. Over the counter Monistat cream does the trick.
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