• Diaper Rash Cure

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    1. lmitchell's Avatar
      lmitchell -
      thank you for these tips. aysia had an allergic reaction to surf detergent that we used on her cloth diapers. we quickly gave her a bath, let her air dry and play on a towel for a bit so the rash could dry out some more, then we put butt paste on her.

      we obviously rewashed her diapers and covers in our homemade detergent.

      the rash is almost completely gone now. she was screaming in pain. poor little bug.
    1. tabj320's Avatar
      tabj320 -
      believe it or not my grama used crisco on my daughter and it worked like a charm!!!
    1. ybanks522's Avatar
      ybanks522 -
      when i had my kids, i used an over-the-counter anti-fungal medication that really cleared up the diaper rash. i didn't use it unless it was needed. otherwise, just plain ole cornstarch did the trick.

      i will be checking out the anti-fungal baby wipes someone mentioned above.

    1. MsDebbie's Avatar
      MsDebbie -
      if it is a really bad rash with blisters it could be a yeast infection, this is very painful. over the counter monistat cream does the trick.
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