Learn what cause dark circles under the eyes and how to get rid of them using an everyday kitchen ingredient, naturally, in less than 20 minutes

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  • Remove Dark Circles under Eyes

    It only takes a couple of long days at work (or really busy weekends) to takes it toll and leaves Dark Circles under the eyes. If you're thinking of heading off to work or out for the evening, here's a quick pick me up fix that will instantly lighten those dark circles and reduce the puffy bags!
    Dark circles under the eyes are caused by a number of various things including lack of sleep, depression, recent illness, poor diet, age and many more. The fact is that all of us at one time or another will have to deal with this issue. Here's a simple remedy:

    You'll Need:
    1 Fresh Potato, scrubbed clean

    Grate the potato into a small square of cheesecloth. Wrap it gently, allowing the juice to remain in the potato. Repeat the process to make a second square. Sit back, put your feet up and Apply the packs to the eyelids for 15-20 minutes, relax!

    When your time is up wash off any residue. Now for the science behind it- Potatoes contain a natural chemical compound called catecholase, which incidentally is often found in expensive cosmetics, and naturally lightens and tightens skin.

    Be sure to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest to keep dark circles from getting worse (or from developing in the first place!)

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    1. indigoangel's Avatar
      indigoangel -
      this also works well at relieving eyes from welding flash. you need to leave it on your eyes for as long as possible- over night is best - and use a wet rag.
    1. liadomingues's Avatar
      liadomingues -
      I also like to use a slice of cucumber, it leaves eyes so white...
    1. Tipsy's Avatar
      Tipsy -
      Love this, I'll be trying it tonight. I wonder if it will lighten age spots too? I'll try it and let you know in a follow up post. I'll try anything! LOL
    1. jeanette60621's Avatar
      jeanette60621 -
      Sounds as will help tighten up any wrinkles also!!! Def going to try!!!

    1. Granny2's Avatar
      Granny2 -
      Going to try this. I never get enough sleep!
    1. PamRoey's Avatar
      PamRoey -
      I can't wait to try this. Lightens and tightens?! What's not to like?
    1. TheServingWench's Avatar
      TheServingWench -
      Quote Originally Posted by indigoangel View Post
      this also works well at relieving eyes from welding flash. you need to leave it on your eyes for as long as possible- over night is best - and use a wet rag.
      I swear mine are hereditary. They are constant.
    1. TheServingWench's Avatar
      TheServingWench -
      Got to try! I swear mine are hereditary, they are constant!
    1. LayKai228's Avatar
      LayKai228 -
      You can also take a potato, clean it, slice it up and put a few slices in a bowl of water and leave it in the fridge for 15-20 mins I believe, then you take the slices and place over your eyes and just relax for a while. This method works great for an at home spa day! Just make your favorite facial mask, and foot soak (or if you want to relax in a nice hot bath you can do so, it is a spa day at home after all), get everything ready, apply mask place potato slices, and RELAX! Which this all reminds me... I need to schedule me a spa day
    1. Finlayson's Avatar
      Finlayson -
      I have tried this and it does work very well .
    1. GardenGirl22's Avatar
      GardenGirl22 -
      Can't wait to try this, i've wasted so much money on eye creams that didn't work...thanks for the tip, this gives me hope!
    1. Saasha's Avatar
      Saasha -
      Wow...who would have thought a veggie like a potato can do wonders. Must try!
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