Learn how to make your own effective homemade hand sanitizer for those moments when washing your hands just isn't an option

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  • MYO: Waterless Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer is a must-have item to keep in your purse for quickie clean-ups and refreshing the hands, particularly after using public areas. Here is a simple, no frills recipe for homemade hand sanitizer that smells good and wont dry out your skin.

    How to Make Waterless Hand Sanitizer to keep colds and flu at bay

    We shouldn't have to preface this with a disclaimer, but we will, obviously good (& frequent) handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, but we all know that there are times and places where this just isn't possible. Also, the more alcohol you add to your bottle, the more effective it will be, but we've used this recipe for several years with great success in our own family.

    One thing that we love about our homemade recipe is the fact that the scent is pleasant unlike many store bought sanitizers and it costs less than 1/4 of the price of it's store-bought counterpart as well!

    You'll Need:
    1/2 cup aloe vera gel (we get ours directly from our plant, but you can purchase it in bottles as well)
    1/2 cup + 2 Tbs (99%) Rubbing alcohol aka Isopropyl Alcohol
    2 tsp. vegetable glycerin
    6-8 drops Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Essential oil or Lavender Essential Oil*

    Blend well. Use as you would commercial hand sanitizer. In addition to the rubbing alcohol's germ fighting capabilities, all three listed essential oils contain antibacterial properties as well.

    *Be sure you use ESSENTIAL Oils, Not Fragrance Oils! The 99% alcohol can be found in the pharmacy area of most big box stores such as walmart, target, etc or even at the dollar store. They're about .75-$1 per bottle.

    The vegetable glycerin offers several benefits, first, it makes the ingredients stay together, secondly, it works nicely as a skin softening agent and helps keep your hands from becoming overly dry.

    The essential oils add a nice fragrance while also offering additional germ fighting properties of their own. Scientifically speaking, you need at least 62% alcohol for maximum effectiveness in your blend.

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    1. Zyphrstar's Avatar
      Zyphrstar -
      I'm going to try this because I can't stand the smell of most of the commercial hand sanitizers....thank you very much!
    1. silvergypsylady's Avatar
      silvergypsylady -
      Could you use Lavendar essential oil since it's antibacterial also? I like the smell better.
    1. pansy's Avatar
      pansy -
      Will go make this now with tea tree oil. Will carry this in my purse for my jaunts to thrift stores!
    1. ajm1224's Avatar
      ajm1224 -
      Wow, Great idea. I'd like so other scents too.
    1. Mythreesons's Avatar
      Mythreesons -
      Thank you. I use a lot of hand sanitizer in general..nice to make my own.
    1. zoeknitsinco's Avatar
      zoeknitsinco -
      Ditch the alcohol, the essential oils will do the trick with your aloe vera gel. Lavender, Tea tree, Lemon, Sweet Orange and Peppermint are inexpensive and you only need a few drops in a cup of gel.
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