Make your own simple Ant Control remedy using 3 basic household ingredients, or choose from thousands of money saving, do it yourself recipes

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  • Ant Control

    Controlling ants before they take over parts of your home can be overwhelming and frustrating. Here's our favorite simple to make recipe that will save you time, money and frustration.

    Mix the following in a large bowl until dissolved....

    3 cups water
    4 teaspoons boric acid
    2 cups granulated sugar

    Fill 3 empty Jam jars w/ Cotton and pour the mix onto the cotton, do not fill the jars. Allow some of the mix
    to remain on the sides of the jar to attract the ants. Drill small ant size holes in the lids and place away
    from kids & pets.

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    1. kathie45651's Avatar
      kathie45651 -
      if i may sugguest a kinder to kids and pets resolve to the ant problem num 1 and 2

      number 1 :for ants comming into the house sprinkle cinnamon wherever u see them comming in from. u may have to redo the cinnamon due to rain or such washing it away but it is more kid and pet friendly then boric acid ants do not like the smell of cinnamon and or the feel it leaves in the hairs on there legs. , yes the boric acid solution will kill them but number 2 will help u kill them.

      number 2: find two ant hills not close together : take a shovel : and take a shovel full from one ant hill place in ant hill number 2 and a shovel full of ants from ant hill number 1 and mix them up, ants are carnivor and will kill and eat each other

      hope this may help some and be a more friendly way to rid the ants
    1. cozyrozy's Avatar
      cozyrozy -
      I have always used the boric acid, condensed milk and cornmeal balls for roaches, but I never considered using the boric acid for ants. It makes perfect sense to me as does the suggestion for cinnamon for this use. Thank ya'll.
    1. cbrogdon's Avatar
      cbrogdon -
      I have also heard that cinnamon works great for eradicating any ant problem.
    1. masonsmommy's Avatar
      masonsmommy -
      i gotta try the cinnamon this soon as summer hits they show up :/
    1. Astartin76's Avatar
      Astartin76 -
      Another must try, I have above ground gardens and they like my wood containers. If I make this into a solution I can spray may be able to get the little guys.
    1. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
      anniemdaffodils -
      cannot wait to try the boric acid/sugar mix. We have ants that we just cannot get rid of. I put boric acid around the walls and counters, etc., but so far not much help. This is a great idea.
    1. anniemdaffodils's Avatar
      anniemdaffodils -
      The granulated sugar and boric acid method says to leave some mix on the sides of the jars to attract ants. Does this mean on the outside of the jars? Or on the inside above where the mixture is poured in? Thanks.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      What about outside ants? They aren't fire ants, just basic black ants and there are all over our porch and walk
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