Create your own gorgeous Holiday Color for Winter Fires using basic household items for a sparkle of festive color in the fireplace


  • Holiday Color for Winter Fires

    Color in the firepit can really add spark to the conversation when friends and family drop by! If you have a wood fireplace or a fire pit, here's how to add some sparkle!

    To produce elegant colors in your winter fire soak your log in one of the following:

    Warm water & Common table salt for a yellow flame

    Warm water & Borax for a pretty Lime green flame

    Warm Water & Rock salt or calcium chloride for an orange flame

    Warm Water & Potassium Chloride for a Purple Color (Potassium chloride is the Main ingredient in NON-Sodium Salt Substitutes)**

    Use just enough water to dissolve your coloring substance, then apply it to the log. If you'd like you can "paint" it on with an old paintbrush or pour it into the cracks of the log. You could even smear it on with a popsicle or craft stick.

    Be sure to Dry your logs thoroughly and then add them to the fireplace for beautiful holiday fires.

    For the Salt Substitute, these are often found in the baking aisle of the the grocery store, near the other seasons. There are many different brands, just be sure they contain Potassium Chloride. Borax is a laundry booster, it's found in the detergent aisle and the other types of salt listed are also in the baking aisle.

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    1. jstchel's Avatar
      jstchel -
      great ideas!! Make for fun beautiful fires
    1. Irishgem18's Avatar
      Irishgem18 -
      How much water and Borax?
    1. Beaty's Avatar
      Beaty -
      Can u use pinecones too? And tons of free pinecones around here
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