• MYO Tater' Tots

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    1. mechelle's Avatar
      mechelle -
      just wanted to say my family loves these. i made them 2 weeks ago with chicken tenders for the kids dinner one night that the DH was going to be late coming in from the road. I even hated tater tots before trying these, the poor kids never got them at home because I hated them just that much.

      Now we are having them again tonight and I will definitely be making extras to freeze and reheat for my lunches during the school weeks.
    1. lucygoose's Avatar
      lucygoose -
      i've made these too... my only suggestion is to slightly undercook the potatoes, or it's easy to end up with mashed potatoes instead.
    1. lala72's Avatar
      lala72 -
      i think i'll make these to go with our chicken tonight. yum!
    1. vaqueen4's Avatar
      vaqueen4 -
      this one i'm going to put on to do list. can't wait to try them.:cook2
    1. violetgypsie's Avatar
      violetgypsie -
      when the recipes calls for cooked and peeled potatoes, what exactly is that? is it a baked potato that has been peeled or boiled potatoes like you would make before you mash them for mashed potatoes or? what level of cooked-ness are we aiming for?

      thanks for any info, i don't usually make things like this but i know everyone in the house would love these.
    1. Chelliemcg's Avatar
      Chelliemcg -
      i'm curious also, why wouldn't you shred them raw?
    1. GrammyNancy's Avatar
      GrammyNancy -
      sounds yummy i love make at home recipes. everything you make from home eliminates more chemicals out of your daily life.
    1. damialyon's Avatar
      damialyon -
      i am going to make these tomorrow!
      they sound so good and i hate to buy them unless they are on sale, in a moment of weakness!! great idea and i love any reason to use my antique ricer!! thanks so much.
    1. wollner's Avatar
      wollner -
      sound so easy to make, will try them.thanks
    1. Da1031ELF's Avatar
      Da1031ELF -
      i wonder if a sweet potato or a yam would work...
      i also want to know why we couldn't just shred up the raw taters.
    1. Lakotaweon's Avatar
      Lakotaweon -
      i printed this one out and will try it tonight with the mashed potato's from last night. will keep you posted!
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