Make your own All purpose Ground Beef Mix to have on hand for quick and easy meal preparation, shave 10-15 minutes off your meal preparation cook time

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  • All purpose Ground Beef Mix

    All purpose ground beef mix is just that, a make ahead ground beef to throw into recipes on those busy nights when you need to cook, but have limited time.
    All Purpose Ground Beef

    You'll Need:

    5 lbs Ground beef, venison or turkey
    1 tbsp Salt
    1 tsp pepper
    2 cup Chopped celery
    2 cup Chopped onion
    1 cup Diced green pepper

    Drizzle a large skillet with olive oil *this depends on the fattiness of your meat, if you're using 90% lean ground beef or turkey or venison, you'll want the oil) if you're using 85% lean beef or
    less, you definitely will NOT want the oil.

    Add the onions, peppers and celery and saute until the onions are translucent. Add the meat, season with salt & pepper and brown it until it's cooked throughout and no longer pink. Remove from heat, drain if needed. cool.

    Measure 2 cups of mix into vacuum seal bag, seal, label and freeze. Repeat until all the mix is used up.

    Use this mixture in any recipe calling for a pound of ground beef, just adjust the cooking time slightly because the meat is already cooked!

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    1. sandy63's Avatar
      sandy63 -
      I love to make these mixes and freeze them it really stretches a dollar and I never feel that I have nothing to cook. It is very nice to not worry about what I will cook and really helps in menu planning for the month.
    1. tkt3699's Avatar
      tkt3699 -
      I do this! This is a big help.
    1. Szyla's Avatar
      Szyla -
      I do this. Saves so much time. I work late often and having pre-cooked ground meat allows for me to still throw a nice hot meal together quick.
    1. MrsHen69's Avatar
      MrsHen69 -
      I can hamburger and chicken. I use the Ball Blue canning book. And have 2 pressure canners. I do chili, seasoned hamburger, and several chicken recipes. I am planning to do some beef stew. The only freezer we have is the top of our fridge. It is great to have these meats on hand whether they are canned or frozen.
    1. PRCook1960's Avatar
      PRCook1960 -
      Can anybody suggest some recipes for using this? I definitely want to make this, but I'm not sure what to prepare and how much of what other ingredients to use?
    1. drummerswife's Avatar
      drummerswife -
      Can you use regular freezer bags. This sounds like a good idea.
    1. goodytwoshoes's Avatar
      goodytwoshoes -
      This looks wonderful! I'd like to can this for my food storage. What a wonderful find this for me. Thanks a lot, yummm!
    1. Kenosnugs's Avatar
      Kenosnugs -
      I make something like this, it does save time.
    1. RoseUlch's Avatar
      RoseUlch -
      Quote Originally Posted by PRCook1960 View Post
      Can anybody suggest some recipes for using this? I definitely want to make this, but I'm not sure what to prepare and how much of what other ingredients to use?
      I have done this before and made sloppy joes by adding 1 can of beans, 1 small can tomato paste and some spices. You could also add spices and noodles for a quick version of hamburger helper. Or you can add macaroni and diced tomatoes and dry cheese sauce or a can of cheddar cheese soup. The possibilities are endless, these are just a few.
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