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    Finances- a Family Affair- If you're not including your kids in on your budget you might be setting yourself up for failure- here's why<br/>

    You're on board to creating and following a budget, but now it's time to take it one step further; It's time to include the rest of the family in the financial picture. . . here's why! ...
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    Another year has come and gone and property taxes are once again due. I urge you to look closely at your property tax bills, as they often contain errors. For example, this year, our tax bill was $512 MORE than it was supposed to be due to a clerical error in our local tax office omitting a basic exemption on our bill.
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    Do you ever get the feeling that you're being nickle and dimed to death? The last couple of years I've noticed an alarming trend in how many companies process monthly payments, particularly for those that use their banks bill pay system . . .
    teaching kids the value of money<br/>

    It's a parent's desire to give their children anything they ask for but it's the parent's responsibility to teach the child the value of money. Teaching your children about saving money and making a family budget early saves them the disappointments and heartache of learning about money by trial and error later in life. Here are several tried and true tips for effectively teaching your children about the importance of money management . . .
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    You might have heard the old adage, How do you eat an elephant? Well, dear reader, the answer is "one bite at a time". And so it goes with munching a budget pachyderm.

    I'm willing to wager that you didn't get into debt overnight, but rather in small chunks over a period of time, perhaps even years. You might not have even realized how big your "elephant" was getting, until it slapped you in the face.

    Early on in my marriage it seemed that I handled the lion's share of the housework. I would often mention (in off-hand) comments, that it would be nice to have a little help once in awhile. It took me a few years before I learned that my approach to my husband was what prevented him from helping with the housework!
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    Dear Dollar Stretcher,
    Someone told me you weren't supposed to put your social security number on your checks. Also you shouldn't have your number on your driver's license since that number is used for a lot of private things. Can you give me some input on this subject? ~Marsha

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    How to Contest Your Property Taxes & Win By Kate Kemp

    The next time you go to your mailbox, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. This is the season of property tax assessments, and your property taxes may have been reassessed at a higher rate. First will come a polite notice of assessment, followed closely by your new tax bill. Depending on home sales in your area and how badly your tax assessor is motivated to collect higher taxes, your property taxes could be raised significantly.

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    How to Make Snow Removal Tool for Roof

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    Re: Carpet Cleaning Solution (MYO)

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    Materials Required
    2 tablespoon liquid tide laundry detergent
    1/4 cup awesome cleaner
    1 spoon oxyclean
    1 teaspoon downy...

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