Vanilla powder is a simple replacement for vanilla extract in dried mix recipes. It has a wonderfully long shelf life and is simple and inexpensive to make at home

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  • Vanilla Powder

    Vanilla Powder is frequently called for in various homemade mix recipes. It's a wonderful replacement for liquid vanilla extract and can be made simply and inexpensively.

    If you're in a hurry and need some today, here's a simple recipe that will get'er done.

    Combine the following in Blender or coffee grinder and Powder until Fine

    1/4 cup confectioners' sugar
    1 vanilla bean

    Seal in a jar, the longer it sets the better the flavor. Most recipes call for only a teaspoon or two
    of the mix. It can easily be doubled and kept in a spice jar.

    However, If you're a baking officiando and you cringe to see vanilla blended with anything else, you can make 100% real vanilla powder as well by simply allowing 3 large whole vanilla beans to dry for 21 days, then grind the whole vanilla beans in a coffee grinder.
    This pure vanilla will be extremely strong and you'll need to use far less in your recipe then the quickie blend above. (about 1/2)

    Vanilla powder has a very rich, warm, spicy flavor to it. It will be a dark brown, much like ground cinnamon. You'll find it adds marvelous flavor to dishes like macaroons or angel food cake, where adding additional liquids can easily distress the recipe outcome!

    Vanilla powder is perfect for homemade dry mixes, particularly
    if you're giving them as gifts, particularly if the recipient isn't a "baker" and is also perfect for those who prefer not to consume alcohol.

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    1. bleedingace's Avatar
      bleedingace -
      ok where can you get Vanilla Beans? they are not in my local stores!!!
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      You can buy them thru amazon, that's where I get mine from. If you have Amazon Prime you can get 20 beans (Madagascar & Tahitian) for $10.
      Here (Prime has free shipping)
      Vanilla Beans

      Attachment 4111 If you don't have prime, you can get 10 beans here for $5.99 with free shipping:

      Vanilla Beans
    1. LNsGirl's Avatar
      LNsGirl -
      The cost is now $8.99 for 10 Vanilla beans from Amazon.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by LNsGirl View Post
      The $8.99 is without Amazon Prime.
      You just have to look for a minute, here's 10 for $6 (including shipping)
    1. Momo's Avatar
      Momo -
      You want the Madagascar Bourbon Grade A beans for good extract, and absolutely for the powder. The Planifolia Grade B is not nearly as good. You can use the good beans for extract at least 3 times, so don't discard them!
    1. cm4bleenmb's Avatar
      cm4bleenmb -
      For my extract I use at least 8 beans per cup of alcohol and I use brandy rather than vodka, rum makes an interesting flavor, also. After they are tapped out for extract, I throw a few of the beans in a pound of sugar and give it a good shake every day for a week or so to make vanilla sugar, then I use that for flavoring drinks and for a lot of my baking. (I read somewhere that you can cut back on the sugar in a recipe if you increase your vanilla to give the illusion that it's sweeter than it really is but I usually forget to.)
      I had never heard of vanilla powder before this and it never occured to me to simply dry the beans out and grind them up. *heads to Amazon to buy vanilla beans*
    1. kmel2u's Avatar
      kmel2u -
      I am learning so much from budget 101. Vanilla powder yes to put in my morning coffee I"m in heaven.
      Thank you
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