• Meatloaf Seasoning Mix

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    1. Lesl1e's Avatar
      Lesl1e -
      how much do you use for each pound of beef. thanks, leslie
    1. kkima68's Avatar
      kkima68 -
      how much do you use for each pound of beef.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by kkima68 View Post
      How much do you use for each pound of beef.
      the entire packet per 2 lbs of beef.
    1. Cheryl64's Avatar
      Cheryl64 -
      i tried this recipe over the weekend. it was really good. i already have a jar of seasoning made for the next meatloaf.

      we did make one change and that was to double the garlic powder.
    1. Shana7771's Avatar
      Shana7771 -
      I tried the recipe tonight and it was better than the store bought seasoning mix. My mother kind of didn't like it, no sage in the mix. I just wished there was sage in it.

      I love sage.

      Can sage be added to the mix. Please let me know.
    1. xstepmom's Avatar
      xstepmom -
      In response to the comment above, yes you can whatever you like to the mix. I'd start with about 1/2 a teaspoon or so, depending on how strong you like it. That's the beauty of making your own, you can put whatever you want in it!

    1. fouts674's Avatar
      fouts674 -
      My family loved the meatloaf. It was my first time trying this recipe. I had some leftover mashed potatoes which I placed in the middle.

      The seasonings are delightful.

      Definitely a keeper.
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