• Almost Good Season Italian Dressing Mix

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    1. Tashdan's Avatar
      Tashdan -
      thank you so much for this recipe, i used my dehydrator to dry a bunch of peppers, carrots, onions and other vegetables from our small garden and now have 20 or so of these mixes made up. The flavor is Exact!! I don't know how you do it, but please dont stop.

      Thank you
    1. MichChef's Avatar
      MichChef -
      what does the pectin do in this?
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by MichChef View Post
      What does the pectin do in this?
      Pectin acts as a thickener.
    1. geriannvaeth's Avatar
      geriannvaeth -
      i made the dressing and it is awesome!!!
    1. Delta's Avatar
      Delta -
      what type of vinegar do you use?
    1. Susan1's Avatar
      Susan1 -
      i will have to get busy dehydrating vegies so i can make this. sounds delicious.
    1. msucura's Avatar
      msucura -
      i love this site! great recipes thank you
    1. BeckyStreet58's Avatar
      BeckyStreet58 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Delta View Post
      What type of vinegar do you use?
      balsamic vinegar makes an awesome dressing. i made some italian using balsamic and my family wont eat anything else on their salad but the homemade one. they eat it on bread, crackers everything!
    1. debbiecrocker's Avatar
      debbiecrocker -
      i wonder if there would be any way to use unflavored gelatin as the thickener instead of pectin? i have gelatin lounging around in my cupboard, but used all my pectin in my jellies. any thoughts?
    1. debbiecrocker's Avatar
      debbiecrocker -
      hello fellow thrift warriors! this morning i experimented with the gelatin. guess what?

      it worked!

      here's what i did...

      dissolve 1 1/2 tsp. unflavored Gelatin in 2 Tbs. Hot water.

      Stir until dissolved.

      Add to salad dressing with vinegar and water. Continue as directed. Refrigerate about an hour to blend.

      Notes: Next time I will try 1 tsp. of gelatin. This was a little too thick for my taste.

      Do add the gelatin while it's still warm and liquid.

      I left mine on the counter while measuring everything else and came back to a solid block of gelatin! (Microwaving for 15 seconds or so liquified it again.)
    1. Momo's Avatar
      Momo -
      my husband is raving about this dressing, and i love it too! i have lots of dehydrated vegetables that reconstitute easily in it, so it always tastes fresh and healthy. i'm using cider vinegar which we both prefer as it has so much more flavor, but one day soon i will also try balsamic.

      i am making up the dry mix in bulk now as it has become our daily salad dressing!

      thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our table. i think i will definitely try the gelatin in lieu of the pectin as the pectin is rather pricey for this. thank you for this; it is so much better than bottled dressing!
    1. Momo's Avatar
      Momo -
      oh, i must add that it is excellent when made with splenda instead of sugar, if it is to be used by a diabetic.
    1. caquilter2's Avatar
      caquilter2 -
      oh my goodness!! why haven't i found this site before?? i am thrilled with everything that i have found so far, and now to find a clone for an overpriced seasoning packet for italian dressing is awesome i use this in pot roast recipe and stuffed mushrooms. i love it liss, keep up the great work !!
    1. Kathleen3's Avatar
      Kathleen3 -
      i was searching for a homemade good seasons recipe and came across this website and the recipe. good seasons is the only dressing my son likes and as others have noted it is quite expensive. looking forward to trying the recipe and the website.
    1. Momo's Avatar
      Momo -
      Gelatin works well IF you use it all up at once, but if you let it sit in the refrigerator, it will form a ball of gelatin! I stopped using any thickener because pectin is fairly expensive. It adds no flavor, anyway.

      The next time I make some, I may add some Clear Jel, heat it briefly because the type I have must be heated to work, then refrigerate it.
    1. judie47's Avatar
      judie47 -
      you can go to thrivelife, honeyville, or beprepared food storage sites to order
      cans of freeze dried veggies, fruits or most anything you may need. anything for emergency
      purposes. i used my freeze dried carrots and red peppers for this recipe works great.
    1. AnnieT's Avatar
      AnnieT -
      Subway, years ago, they would use it as a marinade and cook the chicken in that marinade. That's all the guy would tell us. But it does make tasty baked chicken.

      Also, after you prepare your dressing, add it to your BBQ sauce.
    1. noreenmctague's Avatar
      noreenmctague -
      What size baggie did you use? I want to purchase some, but don't want to get it too small....or too big.
    1. Jrrrrr's Avatar
      Jrrrrr -
      What is the difference between Good Seasons Italian and Zesty version?
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jrrrrr View Post
      What is the difference between Good Seasons Italian and Zesty version?
      Zesty has a little more garlic and stronger spices.
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