• Beef Stew Seasoning Mix

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    1. WinklerMom's Avatar
      WinklerMom -
      do you use all of this for a pot of stew or is there another measurement that i should use?
    1. MrsPaws's Avatar
      MrsPaws -
      i just saw this..thank you for sharing this one.
      those mc cormick seasonings packs are just so expensive! this is perfect.
      i've gotta get this printed off and show it to my mil. she'll love it too!

    1. kramer4613's Avatar
      kramer4613 -
      can this be done as well using the stove?
    1. dbhrkns's Avatar
      dbhrkns -
      would this recipe work without the wondra?
    1. BethJ's Avatar
      BethJ -
      Quote Originally Posted by dbhrkns View Post
      Would this recipe work without the wondra?
      Instant flour is a type of flour that dissolves very quickly in either hot Or cold water and is wonderful for Lump free sauces, gravies, stews, etc. You can use regular all purpose flour in place of instant flour if you'd like.

      See instructions above
    1. Cali4yaokie's Avatar
      Cali4yaokie -
      Never heard of this Wondra, can it be bought any where? Or have to be a specialized store?
    1. msortiz's Avatar
      msortiz -
      Wondra is in the same aisle as flour. It comes in a round container.
    1. djmiller1959's Avatar
      djmiller1959 -
      Quote Originally Posted by WinklerMom View Post
      Do you use all of this for a pot of stew or is there another measurement that I should use?
      To use: add 2-3 Tbs of seasoning per pound of meat used.
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