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Wish to Unsubscribe?

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just a notePlease Note, ALL of our Lists and Newsletters are Double Opt in, which means We did NOT add you to the list/newsletter, you added yourself; You’ll need to remove yourself as well.

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  • Yahoogroups Discussion List
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Daily Freebies Newsletter

    BUDGET101.COM ARTICLES & FORUM THREAD SUBSCRIPTIONS –When you reply to an article by commenting or clicking “add to favorites” or commenting on a thread or post, that post is bookmarked for you in your Subscriptions folder. This is so that you can easily locate the content you’ve interacted with.

    For a Complete rundown of this feature and how to use it or shut it off Read the “How To” Here

    To Manage your Subscriptions there is a Link at the Bottom Left of Every single Page called, “Manage Favorites/Subscriptions

    Alternatively, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the top right hand corner of this page
  • login with your registered Username and password
  • click on “Settings” (top right of every screen)
  • In the left hand column it shows your account options under “My Settings”. Click on General Settings
  • Scroll down to “Messaging & Notification” – Uncheck Email Notification

    Voila. All done.


    To Unsubscribe from the Daily Discussion List, send an email to:

  • An email will be automatically dispatched requiring you to Confirm your Request.
  • Failure to Confirm your request for removal will result in you NOT being removed.
  • Please note, it can take yahoogroups up to 48 hours to cease sending you email, please do not contact us for help ceasing the mail until after those 48 hours have passed.
  • When you send the email to the address listed above it *MUST* match the email address you subscribed with, or you will Not be removed.

    Example: If your email address is BettyBlue@yahoo.comand you send an email to the unsubscribe address from BlackBetty@bamalam.comyou will NOT be Removed. This is to prevent unauthorized removals by others.


    To Unsubscribe from the newsletter you must do absolutely nothing. We stopped offering a newsletter many moons ago and do not send any emails to anyone. If you are receiving weekly updates, you need to Manage your Subscriptions


    To Unsubscribe from the Daily Freebies Newsletter you must do absolutely nothing. We stopped offering a newsletter many moons ago and do not send any emails to anyone.