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7 thoughts on “General Feedback”

  1. i was looking in your condiment list for a recipe for relish as it is advertised on the main recipe page….but couldn’t find one. can you tell me the name of it, maybe i am missing something.


  2. Need help with number of servings in recipe for Alfredo Noodles Mix

    This question was already answered on the alfredo recipe where you posted your original request for assistance.

  3. any recipes for heinz 57 sauce? I am running out of recipe cards (major good thing)!!!!!!! So many things and recipes to try!!!!!

    I love this site!!!!!!! Thanks :lets-eat:

  4. searching for a homemade cat food recipe, wet or dry or combo of both. i mix dry food with a tbsp. of wet food, but don’t like the stuff at the supermarket.

    was not able to send through the feedback link.:impatient:


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