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Thank you for your interest in obtaining a media kit for! We strive to bring the most up to date information available at your fingertips.

About our Site: was created by Melissa “Liss” Burnell over a decade ago at the request of several online friends. The site evolved into thousands of pages of unique, creative ideas and inexpensive recipes. It our mission to help families learn how to reduce their grocery bill to under $250 a month using the recipes and techniques contained within the site and apply that money to back debts, to thereby dig themselves out debt. It has been our experience that the grocery bill is one of the largest household expenses that a family has direct control over and can reduce with relative ease.

Current Site Rank in the United States: has consistently remained in the top 50,000 sites in the United States. View our current page rank here

Demographics & Statistics:

Current detailed Demographics including gender, age, ethnicity, household income, number of children/dependents, as well as education level are available here in REAL Time Reporting.

Current Monthly Traffic:

Current Monthly Traffic Statistics including unique visits per month and people per month are available in Real Time Here.

Member Statistics:

Currently we have 22,800+ registered members here on the site & 1,800+ Fans on Facebook

Current Advertising Rates and Packages:

It is important to us that our potential partners and clients have accurate, up to date information at their convenience. All of our current available advertising packages and rates are published on our site and are available for your review here:

  • Book Ad Packages – to advertise your book, (ebook or hard copy)
  • Text Link Packages- as well is Context Linking Packages
  • Forum Ad Packages– for those that wish to advertise in the forum areas of our site directly
  • Articles Packages- we currently do not offer “paid” posting. We do allow members to share articles as they’d like, as long as the content is fresh, up to date and unique, said articles are given author attribution and a link back to the authors blog.
  • CPC & CPM ads rates available upon request, please specify the size of ad and approximate placement
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