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    Depending on you and your boyfriends budget, you may want to start slow. if you have any kind of discount grocery stores (Aldi, save-a-lot etc) in your area you should shop there for basics (condiments spaghetti sauces, noodles, vegetables, etc). that will probably be a large bill since you dont have anything.

    if possible, throw a house warming party and ask your guests to bring a useful household or food item. this can be a great way to stock up without buying all the necessities. when i moved out years ago it was rough, i lived on ramen for quite a while until i got comfortably situated.

    you may have some tough times but you will pull through. You will see that indepandance feels wonderful!!! Good luck!

    Candles. everyone loves to burn candles. my best friend is getting married in july and this was her favor of choice. there are numerous web sites where you can buy votives in bulk. then she just bought those fancy little bags and secured it with a bow.

    also, i always liked when the couple gave bubbles for after the ceremony. my cats, and i’m sure dogs alike, love to play with the bubbles!

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    that is a great idea! i have a 4 post bed so it won’t work for me, but it gives me a great idea. i can buy sheer curtains and use them as a canopy to give the same effect.

    Thanks for the tip!

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    Would the vinegar be safe on a front loader machine? there are so many precautions in the booklet about wearing the seal down i’d be afraid to try it.

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    i agree with the bread machine! not only does it cost less to make your own, but since you can control what goes into it, it taste better too!

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