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    I am a coupon nut…. I work for a strick place and this is an outlet for me. My mother is stock so it is hard to deal with it all. Do you work? I don’t really understand how to do this site. If this is wrong then can you tell me how to send a message to someone. Thanks.:clap:

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    :dance: Hi, my name is Rebecca. I liked this little dancing smile he looks so happy. I work in kind of a strick place so this is a release from it.

    I am new to this so I am trying to figure it out. I can’t print coupons by printing them from adding on a printing device. If they aren’t already on the page them I can’t get them.

    How long have you been at your job? I have only been here about two months. My other job phased out.

    Please write me back..

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    I am new to this so I could use a little help. How do you get to the Sizzlin Board and how to you use it?:004:

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    I live in Maryland just out of Washington, DC. I like to see people laughing and enjoying life. It is always nice to give someone an extra coupon it you don’t need it.

    I enjoy seeing someone excited when they are saving a dollar or two. I know we all need help today. 🙄

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)