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    Oh, and and I re-read the Tightwad Gazette trilogy every couple years or so. I make the Cuban bread recipe a lot!

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    Sorry about your friend!

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    I just ordered books by Beverly Nye. She had a TV show in Ohio and wrote some books in the 70’s I found an old newspaper clipping in a book of my mother’s, so I looked her up on the internet and ordered her books from Amazon. I’m pretty sure she’s the one I saw on TV when my kids were little and she gave a recipe for “wheat meat” using vital wheat gluten.

    You season it bake it and grind it, using it for a hamburger extender. It looked like it and no one in my family knew it wasn’t all meat. I still make it and it’s awesome.

    I think it’s called seitan and is very expensive to buy.

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    All of these are awesome ideas. We got out of debt by cutting down to bare minimum cable, phone and internet. We use the short cycle on the dishwasher. Anything that generates heat will cost you. Turn down your heat in winter and wear warm clothes. Dry all clothes on a rack. Make your food from scratch. There’s a site called Mr. Electricity and he tells you about the cost to run your appliances. Using the microwave is more economical than turning on the stove. When I was really poor, I didn’t have a working stove, I cooked everything in a electric skillet, crockpot or microwave even bread and cakes. Your attitude must be good, tho, don’t end up resenting your cost cutting. I really began to love the challenges. My washer died, I did laundry in the bathtub! My kids clothes were so clean, that my neighbor across the street told me she was amazed at how clean they always were. LOL Their dad had left me with 5 kids and all the bills on Valentines Day, which was the nicest and only present he ever gave me. The neighbor introduced me to her wonderful son, who loved and raised my kids like his own! Haha

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    At first, I thought you were going to say to put it in the tank! I think I’ll try that on April fools day. LOL.

    Thanks for the tip!

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    OMGosh! How clever is that! I love it!

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    This is absolutely adorable! If I still had my daycare, I’d be doing this with the kids!

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    One year when things were really tough, I used white makeup to make my already pale daughter ghostly white. I put very real looking circles under her eyes and outlined all her veins . She looked absolutely translucent, so freaky scary, she had long long almost white hair, and wore an empire waist dress.

    This was in junior high. The next year, she and her friend dressed like old ladies, with thrift store old lady purses, shoes, gray wigs and I did their makeup so good people were holding the doors open for them! They were hilarious!

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    Your menus make me drool! Yummmmmm

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    @mos 352663 wrote:

    Ooooh…please share how that turns out! Please be specific…time…temp, etc.giggle smiley I never thought to try it that way;-D When temps outside start to cool down, I think of recipes that use the oven.

    Please share your results, my friend!

    i will share! i think i’ll make it tomorrow, and let you know how it went. i love my crockpots!

    i have 3, I can get a whole weeks worth of food all done at the same time.

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    Yummmmmarooonie! I think I’ll try crockpotting it!

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    Tight for us, too, that’s why I’m glad to have help and ideas from great people like you.

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    I sure appreciate all the help with these menus. Thanks, with this I can make my family a nice meal!

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    Love these menus! They help a lot. I cook for 4 everyday from scratch. My dh and disabled bro and sis, it helps me so much to get ideas. Thanks!

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    Yum! quail! When my kids were growing up we were pretty poor, their dad always provided salmon, pheasant, the best tasting duck, and we ate venison!

    I wish I could eat that now, instead of the flavorless stuff you get at the store. Love your menus.

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