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    You have the concept of planning meals with the things you are used to cooking. Start by thinking about how can you on purpose cook extra to stretch into a different meal the next night. Here are some ideas that might help you, you like chili so make chili plus a little extra for one dinner and the next night, the second night add taco shells/tortilla chips, shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa, etc and make a taco night using the chili as the meat.

    Make meatball sandwiches for one dinner then the next night make spaghetti with the leftover meatballs and a little more sauce. If you have bread left over from meatball sandwiches you can butter them, add some garlic and toast in the oven for some delicious garlic bread.

    When I first started planning meals the whole family sat down at the table and named foods that we have made at home that they liked. I wrote all of this down and I will go through the sales ads to see what meals would work with what is on sale at the store. There are a lot of great weekly menu plans, check out user mos, she has some great really great, inexpensive, delicious weekly menus.

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    So exciting……$2.49 in South Dakota!!!!multistars smilie

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    I understand your frustration, I have a lab that is a licker. Mine is a rescue girl who was very abused and abandoned. She then spent a bit of time in isolation due to medical conditions for the first three or so months of her life.

    We have had her for about a year now and she is a huge licker. Licking is a comfort for her. She has a blanket that she will suckle that helps her with some of the licking, but not completely.

    I wish you the best as you attempt to curb this.

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    Just sharing that the DH found four cast iron pans in a dumpster area that were so rusted and nasty looking. I used the salt and scrubbed them like crazy, treated them in the oven and we just sold them for $30. I already have a nice set so didn’t need these so remember to keep your eyes open sometimes people don’t realize that cast iron can be revived.

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    The Challenge Question is : What is left on your (budget) Bucket list? How do you intend to make it happen? (list at least 3 to qualify)

    Interesting question….
    1) Pay off the house.

    Hope to have this accomplished in about ten years but for some reason keeping making repairs and additions that keep this from happen just yet.
    2)Finish school and pay it all off. Hopefully this will lead to a pay increase which could help to get this loan paid in about five years.
    3)Make my own. I do this with quite a bit but every time I come to this site I see a whole lot more I could be doing that would not only save me $$$ but also make life simplier and healthier.

    I hope to add one new item each week that I make rather than purchase at the store. This will likely be the hardest one to accomplish because sometimes it is so much easier to just buy it 🙂

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    Is your iron teflon coated? If it is not you can scrub it with a scrubber. I am wondering if the yellow scrub pads and cleaner for a ceramic stove top might work–I have not tried this and it could scratch.

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    in reply to: B101 Challenge: Foods That’ll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps #449028

    I’m not sure if this would count completely but we have been very succesful with regrowing pumpkins for the past several years. About two years ago we bought some pumpkins for the holidays for decorations. As they began to age, and wither away we put them beside the garage instead of the trash.

    Over the winter the pumpkins continued to deteriate and in the spring we raked the whole pile into a long line. By fall we had pumpkins again for decorating.

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    One of my go-to planned leftovers for a busy week is to make Chili the first day. Then make a pot of melted cheese and and have tortilla chips to dip into chili and cheese the next day or so. If there is still some left over then I make a taco bake to use it up: tortilla chips on bottom, some chili, salsa and cheese and then start the layering over and end with some chips and cheese on top.

    Pop that in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350 to heat the whole way through.

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    I don’t use Spam, it just kind of grosses me out anymore. My Dad on the other hand lives on the stuff, lol. Think of it as sort of a ham.

    He will use it is omelets, just fry it in a skillet and eat it as a sandwich, on salads like you would steak or chicken, works well with Ramen noodles. Hope this helps you a little. Good luck on the competition.

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    Gas here in SD is $3.19 but I have been shopping a grocery store that offers fuel savings if you purchase certain items and let me tell you it was a thrill to walk in and put a quarter on the counter and get back $0.07 cents in change. I managed to get $75 worth of gas for $0.18.

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    What has worked for me is to pour baking soda in the drain and then add vinegar. I don’t measure I just pour and then use a kabob stick (I know sounds crazy) to stick into the drain and swoosh it around when the bubbling stops. Then I follow with the boiling water.

    Hope this helps you.

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    To your original question on the shutdown and the impact. Does it effect me? Not directly at the moment.

    However, I have a heart and I see the damage being done. WIC has shutdown, that is a lifeline for so many little ones and now the family can’t get help. I wont discuss the Affordable Care Act, other than to say it isn’t so very affordable.

    I watched the speech yesterday. Compromise is a two way street. The House has been trying, the other side has to give also.

    This isn’t so much a Republican vs Democrate, it is more like a couple of two-year olds not willing to share and a parent sitting back and letting it hurt all of the other family members. Having 800,000 people out of work and pay added to those already in that situation does not help the economy. Nor does a healthcare plan that causes businesses to decrease hours of employees because they can’t afford to cover them.

    Going from a full-time job to a part-time does not work to pay for the house, car, food, healthcare, etc. This puts more people in need of assistance that is not there, how are they to survive.

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    I have had bad experiences with Straight Talk. It gets kind of complicated but from what I discovered, it is contracted service of Verizon but yet when you call about a problem you are attempting to talk with someone from another country. I actually had one rep hang up on me because he could not understand my English!

    I sure couldn’t understand his. Anyhow back on discussion, I have service through Sprint first two phones are $69 each after that they are $20 a month. We do get a county/state employee discount which is 10% off.

    We ended up saving a tremendous amount because the phones were free through Sprint and we pay an additional $7 a month for insurance and get free replacements–boys have been through about six different phones in the course of two years for one reason or another of them being careless and breaking their phones. With Straight Talk, do not wait until the last minute to purchase the renewal month or they will disconnect you and then you have to call them and be on the phone for about an hour while they reprogram it. We do not have a landline anymore and I need to know that if for whatever reason my phone isn’t working that I can walk into a local place and walk out in a short time with a working phone.

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    Well today is also my wedding anniversary, so we are cooking out and just enjoying the day relaxing with family.

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