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    This really goes for any vacations that you’re driving to. I’ve heard people prepare meals ahead of time, freeze them, bring a crock pot and warm them up in the crock pot. Of course you’d have to have a fridge in your hotel room or constantly refill your cooler up w/ ice each day.

    Another tip I received from reading America’s Cheapest family is ~ when they’ve flown .. after arriving they go to the local thrift store, buy a crock pot, go to Wal-mart or whatever and buy canned foods and place them in the crock pot for meals .. no fridge no eating out.

    Then they just donated the crock pot to whomever.

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    Thank you that was incredible

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    I’m extremely shocked that there just isn’t more about this topic on this site.

    it’s one of the ultimates in saving $$ in my opinion.

    anyway for those of you that want to be very serious about it ..
    this site is awesome for a wealth of information!

    dinner menu subscriptions and ebooks |

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    That looks like a GREAT bag! Thanks!!

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    I saw on youtube this gal just had a small spray bottle and filtered water and a few drops of whatever oils you like

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    Thanks .. those are definitely some good tips!

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    @Ziggee 186118 wrote:

    Save your money on dryer sheets and use vinegar instead. Vinegar softens the water in the washer and does not leave a smell on your clothes. Vineage is also cheaper and better for your clothes and the environment.

    love love lllove vinegar! tons of uses!!!

    savin’ moola;777 wrote:
    I have also read that aluminum foil will take care of the static from the
    dryer if you toss a piece in with your clothes. I hesitate to try this one
    since it can damage delicate clothes.

    I wonder if putting the foil into a mesh bag would still do the trick yet not hurt the clothes?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)