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    That is awesome/amazing~~~ Keep it up!!! 🙂

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    If you have a LUSH Cosmetics close by you can go in and talk with them about it!!! I used it on my daughter’s hair a few years ago and tried it on mine about 13 years ago and I loved it… I just decided I wasn’t going to be dying my hair until I had to!


    here is a good site~ Henna for Hair

    henna has quite a few shades **well, at lush it does! Henna Hair Dyes | lush **

    let us know how it goes!!!

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    A few of my favorites:
    coconut oil
    lemon juice
    baking soda
    witch hazel


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    Yes~ lemon is one of the best things you can put on your face!!! 🙂 Brightens and keeps it looking good/youthful~ one of my friends in high school’s mom looked so pretty and when I asked her secret,, she said lemon!!!

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    Use coconut oil as a moisturizer at night after you wash your face! 🙂 Make sure you wash it off in the am.

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    Worst thing ever~ or close to it!!! Put every extra penny into paying it off! The sooner you pay it off the better you will feel~ and yes, I speak from experience!

    Sell anything you have that you are not using either using ebay, Craig’s List and now on facebook you will find many local “exchange” groups— however anytime someone posts on ours, everyone tries to get whatever it is FREE! 🙁

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    Being a member for years… I am truly grateful for budget101 and all the ideas and information I have received to help improve my outlook on living! Anything that helps me is a good– GREAT thing!

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    Have you tried baking soda mixed with some lemon juice? It should help! Not sure if your board is wood or plastic!!!

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    Yep~ done this!!! Works great!!!

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    I have been using a credit card with rewards~ one offers 1% cash back which I use to pay back my card and the other gives me gift certificates~ I used those to buy Christmas presents for my children!!! 🙂

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    I had a nice stash~ but with a downsize and several other life events… I only have noodles- macaroni and spaghetti and beans!!! I know I need to build it back up to where it was!

    I am definitely using a spoon these days!!! I am hoping to graduate to shovel by the end of the year though!!!

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    Where is this link on the grocery store page? I can not locate it.
    Thank you!

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