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    Thank you Dawn! I do not typically use anything more than vinegar in my rinse cycle, but I will keep this in mind. My hubby likes really really soft clothes and I also hang my wash to dry!!

    My dryer works but hec, I have done the calculations, and I saved just a little over $800 in 2013 on my electric bill, because I didn’t use my dryer (only in emergencies lol – I have teenagers 🙂 ) They get one emergency per month and after that they have to pay me $2 to dry a load of laundry!! lol That’s what the laundromat charges. Love your recipe here..

    will try it!! Thanks again!

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    Three changes in 2014:

    1) No more glasses of wine through the week days….. I have a challenge I need to meet in 2015… but with periodic checks through 2014!!

    2) Every single day… 7 days per week I need to be strengthening one of my key muscle groups!! Diligently!!!

    3) Be a leader in my goal for 2015!!! I need to take the road less traveled and be the person everyone aspires to be!!

    And now, some background to my 2015 challenge. A few moms and I got to talking on FB…. Military moms and moms of kids in military schools etc. We have decided we WILL do the Murph workout on ‘Michael Murphy’s’ birthday in 2015. Michael Murphy was a leader in SEAL TEAM 6. Google him if you need to.

    Why are we waiting so long to do this? Well, the MURPH workout is this, 1 mile run.. then, 100 pull ups.. then, 200 push ups.. then, 300 squats.. then, another 1 mile run! We are moms.. mostly over 50 yrs old.. we have injuries to overcome and ‘life’ to overcome. We will do this. I have no doubt… I have set up a group page and we have consultants there to help us. We are taking it slow to heal injuries. No sense exacerbating prior injuries.. let’s heal them.. and move on! We will do this!

    I have also been challenged to a ‘class set’ by another mom at my son’s college. By October 2014!! I will meet her challenge!!! A class set is 100 push ups plus the year they graduate. My son graduates in 2016 so my ‘class set’ is 100 push ups + 16!

    I will meet these challenges come hec or high water!!

    If anyone is interested in joining us.. please do not hesitate to message me. We are fun loving.. but are trying to meet our goals!!! Let me know if you are interested. We are trying to get sponsors on board so we can help monetarily.. Wounded Warriors, or the Michael Murphy foundation… something like this. We are still looking at options. Let me know if you are interested in joining us!

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    I so wish I had my ‘thank you’ button visible.. I would have simply ‘thanked’ you for this!! What a great idea!

    The blender can absolutely be rinsed in the laundry water.. what a great idea. Thank you!!!

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    This sounds yummy. But looks more like a scramble than an omlete?? I do not ‘stir’ my omletes…

    and the ‘ingredients’ other than the eggs are strewn over the cooking eggs and then I fold the egg over the other ingredients. This prevents overcooking of the other ingredients. This sounds really really tasty tho!!!

    Thank you!!

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    I see this is also an older post, but yes! I usually use hydrogen peroxide after brushing with toothpaste… but thinking this might just negate the toothpaste altogether.

    Thank you!

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    I am laughing so hard! And yet this is scary. Kids drink this stuff!!

    WOW! I will be trying this. I currently use baking soda, but hey, I’ll try anything once.

    This reminds me of my dad, who owned a gas station way back when gas stations did repairs etc. He always kept a case of coca cola on hand… to remove rust!

    And he would never drink water…. his answer, “You ever see what water does to pipes?” Yes, he was misinformed/misguided, but the Coca Cola worked on rust!!!!

    My kids do not get soda in this house… nor Cool Aide actually. Water is the drink available here…


    in reply to: has living frugally ever ended up costing you money? #446780

    I see this is an older post, but never has this been more true than now. I have cut back so much on utilities, and initially saw a huge savings… but I am now seeing rates rising to keep up with our diminished usage!!!

    not fair… i cry foul! with ever increasing costs at check out counters, everything we do to cut back everywhere else is actually not keeping up with the rising costs of consumer goods.

    it’s depressing actually.

    in reply to: What 3 Things do you MYO or DIY to save money? #446776

    I replied to this one already, but I don’t see it here. I understand I am still being moderated, but all my other posts seemed to have cleared, and this was my first one. If this is a duplicate, my apologies.

    First thing I have done is to stop using my dryer!! Huge savings there. I hang my clothes outside the old fashioned way. Dryer is only for emergencies! I have calculated to date I have saved 200+ kwh per month and I will have a savings at year end (almost there) of $800+ YAY!

    2) I use baking soda A LOT for cleaning kitchen/bathroom hard surfaces. It removed grease/grime etc. and has the abrasiveness without scratching that is sometimes required. And everything sparkles like new! Baking soda is so cheap, and I can buy it in bulk at Costco etc.

    3) I have been researching all kinds of different things to get back to basics… I make my own bread, and soap! I will save quite a bit on the soap part, as I have some allergies to contend with in this family and buying commercially prepared body/facial cleansers is very very costly and often don’t work because of the chemicals and nasty ingredients involved. I will also be incorporating the Laundry Sauce into my regemin!! Thank you for that!

    in reply to: What to do when out of fabric softner! #446770

    Oh my gosh! This is brilliant! Thank you..I don’t often use my dryer…

    only in emergencies, but this is really good to know.

    in reply to: Gardening–Fun and Frugal! #446640

    Thank you! I LOVE #9. Good to know!!

    Wish it would work on the deer though. Deer are tougher to keep away..

    in reply to: What would be your most recommended frugal tips? #446627

    Baking soda is one of my most favorite moneysavers! I use it to clean most everything in my kitchen…counters, stove tops, sinks, cupboards (you know? that greasy film that can build up on the cupboards… baking soda will take it right off) My cupboards are wood, so after the baking soda, I wipe them with vinegar/water solution to restore their luster. Bathrooms sparkle when cleaned with baking soda also!!

    Vinegar is my second favorite… windows, shower stalls/bath tubs (mix equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle…spray on soap scum…leave on for a minute or two, but don’t let it dry… wipe clean! Hardly and elbow grease involved, it simply wipes away!)

    Do not use your dryer unless you absolutely have to. Hang clothes to dry indoors or outdoors. THAT alone has saved me at least 200kwh per month!!! I estimate an $800+ saving this year, because I have not used my dryer (well, a couple of emergencies, but usually I hang my clothes to dry!)

    in reply to: What 3 Things do you MYO or DIY to save money? #446622

    @Budget101 391258 wrote:

    Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

    What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

    Our Top 3 are:

    1. Make Homemade Super Laundry Sauce
    2. Make Homemade Mixes & Homemade Convenience Foods
    3. Menu Plan to avoid too many trips to the grocery store

    In order to enter, simply respond by answering the challenge question above!

    What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge?

    We’re giving away a Super Laundry Sauce Kit, complete with a box of Borax, Washing soda and a bar of Fels Naptha!

    Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

    Well, 1) I make my own bread…. 2) I do NOT use my dryer; instead I hang out clothes to dry (or indoors with inclement weather)…. and 3) I make my own laundry detergent. But I will be using your recipe from now on as it seems easier!!

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