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    Yum! Thanks, Queen!

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    Good advice, TxWildflower! So true!

    And you aren’t going to get rich doing shops, but you can get some reimbursements for things that will help your budget (ie: oil changes for your car, a book from a bookstore, a reasonably priced pair of sandals from a shoe store, a lunch or dinner out…) and usually a little extra for doing the paperwork. Most of the shops require about 30 minutes for input and scanning receipts.

    Again, good luck!

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    Yes, that list is where I got started, Freebie Queen. BARE, About Face, A Closer Look and Consumer Impressions were some that I looked up and am now doing shops for.
    Shadow Shopper is listed and they list many of the companies and will even send you emails, whenever there is a company offering a shop in your area. Good luck!

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    Any other mystery shoppers out there? I can give you leads on companies in the area (and some are national) that are looking for good shoppers.

    Easy one, here! My favorite mug is one that carries a picture of a B25 (for those MANY of you younger generation, the B25 was a WWII bomber). My hubby bought it for me about 10 years ago as a remembrance of the flight on a B25 that he had just given me for my birthday.

    With a history such as his (His dad fought in wwii, his mom was a “rosie the riveter”) and being a usaf vet himself, we try to get to see any of the old birds, whenever we can. i love this mug and my guy!

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    Thanks for the clarification!

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    In my house, we have resolved to try to tie these things together:
    More focus on family, savings in every aspect of our spending (thank you, budget 101!!!), healthier eating and daily laughs. My sweetheart and I are both committed to looking for ways to combine these things, IE: an outing with the grandsons that includes lots of walking and experimenting with breakfast of flat-bread sandwiches and fruit… we think they will love it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)