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    Well, since I am the only shopper, cook, researcher AND the most picky eater I have been finding some ways to make myself eat healthier and different things I wouldn’t normally ever consider! Examples:

    Flax: has a lot of omegas in it. so I add it to muffin mixes that I make. Also put in my crockpot oatmeal with fruit that I know I like. It doesn’t take much to increase the health benefits of everyday recipes using good quality ground flax seed!

    Mushrooms: I can’t stand them! BUT if I process fresh or canned in a food processor to miniscule bits and add them to sauces or casseroles than I don’t get the taste and texture of them but I get the added health benefits. Same with jalapenos, olives, most types of squash.

    Legumes! The are the ultimate disliked food by me! Mostly because of their texture–ewwww! so I had the idea from another B101 post for instant refried beans to grind the dry beans into a powder. NOW I can add them to dishes like Mac n Cheese, Pasta sauce, meat for tacos. meatloaf, you get the idea. Not only do I not taste them but they actually improve the textures of things I already like. With kids or other picky adults if you do the cooking they don’t even have to know what it is in it because you can’t see it this way. Later when the kids are grown and ask for the recipe THEN you reveal what they have been eating all along!

    Have fun with my Sneaky Cooking! Kristine aka ThePugLady (btw I use a hand operated food processer from Pampered Chef. I AM NOT A PC REP NOR DO I KNOW ONE ANY MORE JUST AN IDEA THAT MIGHT HELP YOU. I also use a Ninja for the beans to be turned to powder form. It was actually given to me! Cha Ching!)

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    myo bread flour:

    1 cup all purpose flour
    1 T of gluten

    found this all over pinterest. hth everyone


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