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    @Jillsy 1079386 wrote:

    I’m trying to print the bi-weekly menu plan and whenever I click on the icon to download it, I get an error message. Anyone know how to print this thing?

    What type of device are you using (laptop, smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc) and what is the exact error message that you receive?

    in reply to: Smart Budgeter and still need approval to post?? #463491

    @mrskorba 1070349 wrote:

    Hi, can anyone help me with this please? I know I’ve posted way more than 5 posts. Thank you 😄

    that is correct, certain forums are moderated regardless of your status, this is to ensure that posts are not overlooked (as is the case with the tech support forum), to protect personal data, again as is the case with the tech support forum and due to certain features that combine with social media accounts such as twitter, fb and pinterest to prevent accidental posting of content that might violate tos with those accounts.

    in reply to: Elf Shoe Fancy Christmas Napkin #463370

    This is hilarious, thanks for sharing.

    in reply to: Simply Spiked Cider #463369

    I haven’t seen the simply apple available, but I do happen to have some cider on hand that needs to be used soon. I’ll give it a go and let you know how it turns out

    in reply to: French Vanilla Caramel Cake #463368

    This sounds delightful, I can’t wait to give it a go! Thanks Mos

    in reply to: Saving the 3-four letter words Issue #463367

    @annawei 1067825 wrote:

    You posts are most welcome but I have a question that I have been asking but maybe are asking it in the wrong place. I am trying to finish my profile but it will not take my 3 4 letter words. I tried several of them.

    Pls help because I would like to finish my profile. Tks. password manager for windows android-manager.html android device manager for pc iphone-manager.html phone music manager

    the reason you are experiencing difficulties is because you’re attempting to embed disallowed links within your posts. unauthorized advertisements are blocked from appearing and are against the tos of the site.

    in reply to: Trying to log in #463199

    @Unregistered 1046775 wrote:

    email address is mrsdsmith09@(emailtruncated)please help me unsubscribe.

    There is NO registered user with this email address. If you’re receiving Facebook notifications, you can alter your settings in your Facebook account directly, if you’re a member of the yahoogroups, directions to unsubscribe are at the bottom of every email.

    @amdezalia 978247 wrote:

    There is no add blocker on mine and I have added it to the safe sites, but I still receive the error and cannot get past it.

    Chances are you have an extension that is blocking the site from rendering.

    Check your Extensions for an extension called “disconnect”. – that one also breaks the site & prevents it from rendering.

    @amdezalia 978247 wrote:

    There is no add blocker on mine and I have added it to the safe sites, but I still receive the error and cannot get past it.

    You might not be aware of it, but your browser is indeed using an ad-blocker- as I can clearly see from the screenshot that No Ads are displaying.

    here is how that page actually displays with the ads enabled

    What browser are you using? I would double check the add-ons/extensions as you definitely have ad-blocking software running on your computer. It’s a rather scary scenario to be running software without your knowledge on your system, it could be tracking, copying, downloading or uploading anything without your consent.

    Severe Security issues with that!

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    in reply to: failed login #462575

    @Unregistered 975272 wrote:

    I know my user name I know my password I know you were supposed to remember me 2 months in a hospital and I come home and cant get into my favorite site.

    I wanted to mention that the “Remember Me” feature simply sets a temporary cookie, which can be wiped out by browser settings after expiration. Most cookies expire within 2 weeks for security reasons.

    in reply to: GET $100 of Grocery Samples! Offer expiring soon #462418

    **whoops** it appears your link was automatically blocked by the server because it contains a link to a well known spam site. we have a number of spam/fake sites blocked on the server level to help prevent members from being infected with web parasites, we think of them as computer std’s.

    please note that we have a post to help you learn how to decipher between affiliate advertising posts and legit freebies. that post is available here:

    Thank you for being part of our community!

    in reply to: Won’t let me log in even after requesting password reset #462417

    We’d love to assist you but you neglected to provide us with any information. You’ll need to reply back with your Registered username and email address in order to assist you. This information is not public as the posts in this forum are moderated.

    Without this information we cannot locate your account.

    in reply to: Issues with posting levels of my account? #461993

    @mrskorba 886893 wrote:

    Yesterday or the day before it said I was upgraded and I didn’t need a moderator approving my posts and I was able to post and see it right away. Now I need a moderator again to approve my posts. Did I do something wrong already to go backwards in my level?

    No. There are a couple forums (areas) on the site that are always moderated regardless of member level, such as the Challenges Forum, Freebies and a couple others. Each for different reasons, some forums automatically tweet to twitter, so to they need to have additional attention to ensure proper formatting & twitter guidelines,
    In the case of the challenges forum it’s to assure that when members post questions, those questions aren’t accidentally overlooked by tech support or mods, etc.

    in reply to: Downloading not abled? #461530

    We don’t have anything that creates those type of errors (Bing/IE) and we would NEVER recommend that you download or get IE (it’s probably the LEAST secure browser available).

    It sounds like you may have a virus or malware in your system. I just tested the downloads area and it appears to be working fine.

    Can you post a screenshot of the error you are seeing? What browser and version are you using?

    in reply to: Add Pinterest Button to Your Browser- Pin Anything! #461417

    @PeachChapman 824838 wrote:

    ok, i saw a post on fb about this and wanted to transfer the fan’s question so that others could find it after too.

    in regards to pinning from fb
    nancey wrote:

    she indicated she didn’t know how to do a screenshot and that she’s using chrome.

    lol, hi peach! we’re apparently playing post tag today. :hand-icon:

    here’s the fix for that issue. install the pinterest button as listed in the first post of this thread.

    to pin something in your fb feed, click on the item to open it in it’s own window. then click pin- before you click the submit button, hold down ctrl-f5 at the same time.

    So the process is hold CTRL+F5+click submit at same time. what this does is force the cached version to be ignored (which is what is causing the error) and loads a brand new version.

    issue solved. you’ll have to do this for every fb pin to avoid the awww snap error.

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