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    I Plan On Going To Aqua Therapy For My Back As My Pain Dr. Wants Me To. Hoping For Some Pain Relief Finally After 2 years since failed Back Surgery. I Plan On Being Able To Walk 2 Miles By The End Of The Year Which Would Be Great Since Right Now I can Walk only 150 Feet. And I Plan To See My New Grand-babies As Often as Possible.

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    Since I feed 13 people at every meal I plan out a monthly menu,also All veggies left over get put in the freezer along with any meat this way we can do a couple left over nights and also a grand pot of veggie soup. The Second Thing I Do Is I Take Some Hair Conditioner That Smells Really Good and Mix it With Water Then I add About 6 Wash Clothes to it Let Them Soak In The Solution So while doing Laundry I have Fabric Sheets Just Take one out wring it well add to dryer. And Last but not least when giving gifts we make candy cookies and cakes at home decorate paper plates with ribbons to hold the goodies. We Don’t have to be rich to show our Love and Appreciation To the people we care about. If That was the case I wouldn’t ever be able to give anything.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)