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    Bad Dogs Have More Fun

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    doesn’t work, its in the laundry room. Her smell is a tough opponent.

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    You know, its funny but the cats I live with do not play together all that often. Usually they only play tag when everyone’s asleep, but other than that- they refuse to play together.

    in reply to: Do Dogs See Only In Black and White? #408893

    I’ve actually seen a show where they were showing common animal myths and said something along the lines of “dogs can see colors just don’t ask them to pick out your wardrobe”

    But I find it interesting that for so long we’ve been taught dogs can only see in black and white. I’ve heard in anatomy if you don’t have a certain kind of receptor or its deformed you can’t see certain colors such as red or green.

    Its kinda strange that it took so long for scientists to go “well, yes, dogs can see in some color” when black and white was the norm for so long.

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    I’ve noticed burning oil and stick incense will mask her smell for a while but it’ll come back eventually.

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    Its been getting down to low 40s in Texas. The house I live in doesn’t have a heater and tends to hold in cold more than it should (we can walk outside sometimes and it’ll be at least 10 degrees warmer out*) so we use electric ones when it becomes too cold to go without. But I know if I start doing dishes with hot water it helps me warm up, or if I start to play wii fit or do an exercise tape.

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    My dad used to make a soup called ham chowder where it was basically mashed potatoes and ham mixed together and some other ingredients I don’t remember… I miss it so bad. Thank you so much, I’ve been wanting a soup like his for a long time now.

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    I’ve noticed that one of the cats I live with like to play a game where the door is slightly open and there’s someone else on the other side. Basically you take a toy (like a feather duster kind of toy/one on a string) and let her bat around at it on your side and she’ll be on the other side.

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    The ferret is spayed. And I only bathe her once a month, I clean her cage every day and her ears a squeaky clean.

    Tomato juice is…. it sounds like a good answer but I don’t think I could afford doing that quite honestly, mess wise and cost wise.

    I think its because they just have this “I smell like myself” thing to them. i’ve noticed dogs have a certain smell to them if you pet them for a while. maybe my roomates are just over-reacting then…

    thank you all~

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    thanks, I’m always looking for more origami to try

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    I used to get really bad cramps and nausea around my period- When I went on yaz it helped them go down drastically… When I was younger I used to be a lot more active before I bled and that helped reduce my cramps also.

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    I’ve had that before, I might have gotten the wrong kind but the sugar they used left a bad taste in my mouth

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    Thank you, I’ve been needing a planner.

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    Thank you, these are one of my favorite snacks

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    Thank you so much, my roomates and I are cereal fiends

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