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    My two cents.

    I have a friend(who’s my best friend in the world ironically*) who will do NOTHING but complain about how I need to change this and that. And when I do change those things she finds new things to say I should change. Some people just need something to pick at.

    Your friend probably is trying to help but isn’t realizing how inferior she’s making you feel to her. Maybe sit her down after a few days ( to calm down*) and tell her how she’s making you feel. It does help usually.

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    Thank you,

    I was wondering when it was since last year I missed it.

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    Italian or french always worked well, mainly bread with a little more meat on it than regular store brand white bread

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    I know that ginseng is an aphrodisiac as well.
    Garlic is also one too.

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    I’ve done a system restore for that worm before on XP. It did get rid of it.

    It was given to me by a friend on aim that was like “Hi, I have this picture of you can I post it? {Horriblelinkhere}” You click it and it brings you to an empty page where it asks you to download it.

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    Dude, this is like one of my favorite places on the net. I really love it too.

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    this sounds delicious. I can’t wait to try it for myself

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    For my budgetting I have to check a few things here and there to make sure I come out with some spare money here and there.

    1. Set aside rent. This is priority no exceptions.

    (rent includes bills and meds*)

    2. Set aside about $20 a month for pet expenses. I will rarely use that much but there are times when ferret or crabs need more food or sawdust/sand.

    Or there might be an emergency in a later month if I didn’t spend all $20 in the past months- that I can dig out of the fund for them.

    3. Food. I’ll go cheap on food, don’t get me wrong, but I still want to make sure I’m getting all my nutrition

    And if I still have money left over I’ll treat myself or friends to a small present (something under $10) here and there.

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    Do what makes you happy. If the belly is really bothering you, like you think about it constantly, get rid of it. If it’s just a “it’d be nice to be back to the way I was” and its really just here and there take your time maybe aim to lose a little amount here and there with plenty of time in-between.

    But yeah, your boyfriend sounds like he really loves you for who you are and if you end up getting rid of your tummy I doubt he’s going to stop loving you.

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    @atta76 92114 wrote:

    Thanks so much, so many great ideas. This is such a wonderful, caring group!

    The past two nights have been okay. A little fussing but not the crazy crying like before. I think Halloween did have something to do with it now that I think about it.

    She was not liking to go by the Halloween displays in the stores.

    I worked in a Halloween store. Most kids (8 and under*) HATE going near displays. It scares the bejeebus out of them.

    Its usually not the best place to take kids, especially since where I used to work, it was encouraged to scare people or freak them out.

    I actually had to quit because I couldn’t stand seeing kids cry on their way out from how frightened they got.

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    Its really mainly one roomate and her friends have this thing with encouraging her to complain about the ferret smell. I think part of it is just her insecurity and wanting to fit in sort… The other roomate doesn’t seem to mind- part of that is since he has two cats that ended up really dominating his last apartment with their smell.

    Thank you all for the advice

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    Last time I went I got a magna-doodle for 3 bucks. But yeah they have good prices on canned goods and sometimes they have really good sales on their produce(but I suggest to look it over at least once to make sure its in good condition*) from what I remember.

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    I don’t believe its animal cruelty due to the lack of danger/discomfort it puts the animal in. It just sounds like the dog running for a bone on a fishing pole in front of it thing.

    in reply to: Ferrets #408966

    No I bought the ferret a while after moving in with the roomates. But they did agree to letting me get her.

    Yeah it is pretty hard for me to mask the smell… honestly I think the smell they hate is the smell I love about them. Not sure why though.

    Yeah I had a ferret that killed mice before, wouldn’t eat them, just kill them for fun.

    Thank you so much. My facebook friendslist needed to be cleaned out a while ago and heck a free whopper is worth it.

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