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    Thanks for the Free 2014 Miracles Inspirational Calendar Freebie. I went to the site and got 3 additional freebies as well.

    in reply to: What 3 Things do you MYO or DIY to save money? #447777

    I consolidate my trips/errands as we live 16 miles from town. I go once a week, to save on gas.

    We don’t eat Fast Food/ I make my own Copy Cat Recipe’s for our favorite meals.

    I buy fruits and Veggie’s that are in season, can & freeze what ever I can, shop the resale shops for clothing and household items.

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    I made Liss’s Super Laundry Sauce for the 1st time and it turned out great! I have been using it and followed the directions, using a TBS per laundry load. My 1st load of laundry, I washed my husband’s Work Jackets.

    They were quite greasy, as he wears them while working in the garage. I can tell you that this Laundry Sauce is wonderful My husband’s jackets look like new again. I did not pre-treat, I just used the sauce as directed.

    I am sold on this Laundry Sauce and will be telling my friends and family. I don’t get any funny or offensive smell that rubythill speaks of in her post. Thanks Liss for sharing your recipe.

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    Cadillac, MI gas is $3.48 per gallon

    in reply to: New Years Resolutions- What are yours? #447499

    1heartjar smilie1heartjar smilieI don’t do resolutions, but here are the life changes I will attempt to implement in 2014…

    Listen and look for ways to help others with their needs
    Continue to lighten up on Stuff that I haven’t used or no longer need
    Even though our income has decreased to less than half of what we are used to, save money monthly
    Look for economical ways in buying wholesome & nutritional foods
    Spend more time placing the positive people in my life around me more
    Speak daily of the blessings in my life 1heartjar smilie

    in reply to: What to do when out of fabric softner! #447337

    I use vinegar in place of Fabric Softener. It softens and stops static cling. It’s also very cheap.

    In question to using foil in the dryer; Does it snag nylon clothes? Just wondering.

    Stormie 🙂

    I received a Coffee Mug from a friend, many years ago and I use it almost daily. It has a cute Teddy Bear on it and it reads: “Hug me, I hug back.” I think of the friend who gave it to me, each time I take it out of my cupboard.

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    I don’t pre-treat stains when using the Homemade Laundry Soap(I used a recipe I found on this site). The Laundry Soap takes out any and all stains and it leaves our clothes smelling great! I will never again pay for Laundry Soap or for a stain Pre-Treatment again.

    I am so excited by the amount of money I am saving!

    in reply to: Levels of Registration #447293

    Looks like this was a good place to start. It sure helped me bunches!

    Thanks 🙂

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