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    When my Military family was stationed overseas, we had a hard time getting liquid milk (both VERY expensive, and little/often none available). So we used powdered milk. The thing about powdered milk is that it doesn’t smell or taste the same as regular (liquid) milk. To solve this, we added some vanilla flavoring (to taste). The vanilla gave the powdered milk not only a pleasing, “creamy” smell, it added a “creamy” taste to it. Your sense of smell is so important in your enjoyment of food. Try it – you probably will like it. And it will save you money, too.
    Also, much of the time, I just use the powdered mild dry (NOT reconstituted) in foods – I just add the powder, then add icy cold water to the recipe. This is nice for things like oatmeal, powdered cheese in Mac & Cheese, etc.. This way, I don’t have the milk sitting in the fridge getting older, it is fresh from the shelve. Just add a few drops of vanilla, and it’s all set.

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    When I drive for vacation trips, or camping, or visits which take more than one day’s driving, I freeze 2 liter bottles of water for the trip. I do NOT fill the bottles full before freezing, as freezing water expands. So, only fill 3/4th full before freezing.

    Then you will have your regular (home) water for the trip. Don’t forget some for Fido & Kitty, too, if they accompany you on the trip. Just freeze several 2 liter bottles for each day’s travel, and drink the melted water as you travel.

    I kept mine in a cooler on the back seat. By drinking the water that you are used to (and pets, too), you avoid possible “tummy troubles” which can go with changing water. Makes for a happier trip.

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    I cannot sleep if my feet are cold. So, I put a heating pad covered in a towel, at the foot of the bed under the covers. Before going to bed, I turn it on high to get the area nice and warm, then I turn it off and remove it before getting in bed and under the covers.

    It works for me. And some heating pads even have an automatic turn-off function for your protection.
    I also have a regular type heating pad (doesn’t turn off automatically) which I also cover with a towel. I put this on the floor for my very old cat to sleep on.

    (Note : NOT for cats/pets who may use their nails on, or bite the pad or cord.) She sleeps comfortably, and I don’t worry about her getting a chill on the floor. I just turn it off in the morning when I pick it up for the day.

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    I use several of these (clear) bottles. I fill 3/4ths of the way up with water and put the cap on (the remaining space is for expansion – important to leave, otherwise the bottles can explode). Then I leave in the sun all day.

    At the end of the day, the water inside is HOT. Free hot water for doing dishes, hand washing items, pet baths, and for quick “rough showers”. Frugal ways to use “alternate” resources (solar).

    Great when camping, or when the electricity is out for days.

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    If you want to use a flea collar on your pet, you need to do the following:
    1. Remove from packaging.
    2. Hang it outside for several days before putting it on your pet’s neck (so that it can “air out” and won’t irritate the skin, or sicken the pet)

    Check after putting it on the pet for problems (rash/reaction on the neck area, changes in breathing, coughing or vomiting, change in eating habits, change in “normal” behavior, redness in eyes/ears/nose/mouth,, excessive licking (can denote allergy), etc.. Flea collars have been known to kill pets. Please be careful, and watch your pet if you use a flea collar.

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    I also fill several large, clear, plastic soda bottles 3/4th full (heat expansion) of cold water and leave them in the sun, or on a sunny window sill in the early morning. By the late afternoon the water can be very hot. The water can be hot enough to add some cold, and take a sponge bath or shampoo your hair (besides washing other items).

    Free solar heating.

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    I would SAY that probably 4-6 would do it. BUT, a handful would be more to my liking (celebrate the season!!!!) :-D.

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    I do this, too. But, I don’t mix with water right away. I keep it whole in container, and just pour out a 1/2 measure and mix with cold water as needed.

    For kids, you can mix up a daily batch in the morning. I found that the whole milk does not get sour as quickly as 2% or low fat, etc. do.

    It can also be frozen more successfully. To make it taste and smell “creamy”, I add a few drops (to taste) of vanilla flavoring to the milk/water mixture. It smells wonderful, and tastes more like whole, fresh milk – without the calories, or as much fat.

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    Hi, suey. Thanks for the welcome and friendship. Hands across the continent.

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    Thank you for reminding me of this. A few years ago, I wrote a company to tell them how much I liked their product. A few days later, I was mailed a large carton with several full size packages of the item that I had enjoyed – PLUS coupons or more.
    Also, I called the customer service 800 comment # on the package of a product that I liked, to share the ways I used it (condiment item).

    I was mailed a coupon for a FREE bottle.:bounce:

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    Thank you for this information. I, and a lot of my friends, live and travel in rv’s. this is something that we worry about.

    when we travel, we worry that we could be out for the day in our cars, have an accident, and no one would help our pet(s) in the rv.

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    I use torn-up newspaper (and old mail, magazines, etc.) as free kitty litter (with plastic grocery bags for disposal). It’s amazying how many paper items are available around a house that can be disposed of by recycling this way. (Just no plastic, and watch out for staples – like from magazines.) I just tear up the paper into chunks, and save in plastic grocery bags.

    Then I put the paper pieces in the litter box. Every day, I just change the paper litter, and dispose of the used paper litter in a plastic grocery bag. Newspaper deodorizes and absorbs moisture without having a scent of it’s own.

    And the cats like it.

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