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    I use an off brand that I found at dollar general. Its soft, strong, and its 2 ply. You don’t have to use a lot. Everything I could ask for in toilet paper. Its cheap too. I pay $10.00 For 34 rolls. For a family of six it last about a month and a half to two months.

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    I have six people in my house, Three adults and three teens. Two are picky eaters (one adult and one teen). I do all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning in my house.

    So I choose what’s for dinner. A couple times a week I do cook dinners I know everyone like and we eat, and a couple days its all about what I want and like . I do tell everyone in my house if they don’t like it they are welcome to do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning themselves!

    So they eat what I make and they don’t complain. 😉

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    I’m new to the this site. Not sure what I’m doing yet!

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