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    @rtebalt 99517 wrote:

    My husband told me he read an article that said that if you soak the “brush” part of your tooth brush in an antibacterial mouthwash for an hour and a half & then rinse it out, it will kill the germs. 🙂

    What is worse is that they tested them in the medicine cabinet, which is where I keep mine, and they test JUST AS HIGH as when left out on the sink. It was on 20/20 or Dateline, one of those shows about “How Clean Is Your House Really?” I have used mouthwash every day since!

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    I am a complete freak about expiration dates and sell by dates. I have to drink milk and eat eggs by the sell by date. Nothing in my house is older than the expiration date. I can’t eat food that has sat out for more than a half hour. I don’t know why I am like this but I have chron’s so that might be why. I am just very careful about what I put into my body! Things like this don’t surprise me other than that someone would actually keep something around long enough to grow mold on it!

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    @Niddi 97938 wrote:

    Same here, I noticed there was no charge for shipping , I think you just have to put your number to have an account on file, Not willing to do that. Guess I just miss out on that one, but thank you very much for your trouble anyway Shell.

    Sorry guys, I noticed that after I posted. You do have to enter a valid charge card. One thing to do with these, I have found, is to buy one of the prepaid Visas and put only $10 on it.

    Then you can use it for sites like this and don’t run the risk of having your account number out there. I put $10 because it was the minimum for the one I have. You might be able to do less.


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    cathykee;96980 wrote:
    Does anyone use the online savings accounts?

    i have an account with emigrant direct that i have had for years. i like it. i cannot access the money a quickly as a bank with an atm card, so it has been easier to save.

    when husband left and wiped out all other bank accounts, i was so thankful i had this one, as it takes three days to transfer from these accounts to other banks, so you can’t impulse buy or be wiped out! i find that i consider my purchases more wisely when i have to use that money because i have to justify transferring the money. there are no fees associated with the transfer from either bank, so i really like it.

    the interest rate is 3.5 or 3.75, I believe, so it beats most other banks also. And you don’t have to set up a trading account, like ING and others who offer the online savings.


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    I have a galley kitchen that is just HORRIBLE! I hate it. I hate cooking in it. I hate walking through it. If I could have my dream kitchen, it would be in the back of the house, away from traffic, right next to a dining room (something I don’t have right now), and would be plenty big enough for three people to walk around comfortably. It would be quiet, peaceful, and have every appliance under the sun that I could use to cook and love it! It would be something like this (you said dream. . . ):-P, except it would have more cabinets under the island for pots and pans and would have a pantry and bookshelf for cookbooks!


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    Hi Karen. Nice to meet you. I hop you enjoy the forum and find lots of cool tips and tricks! I too am a “ground level lurker” who stops in when I have free time to look around. Like you, a couple times a week seems to be all I can find!


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    Welcome Amanda! I hope you learn a lot from the forum. I am finding so many cool tricks, tips, and recipes!

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    @DohDohBird 93024 wrote:


    I keep mine at 57. …Anyone else keep their heat siginificantly below 68?

    Before the baby (now 10 months old), I never put the thermostat above 62. If anyone was cold, they could use a blanket. We used to joke that we needed to have a blanket pantry next to the front door with a sign that read, “Welcome to the Vera’s.

    Grab a blanket on your way in.” Now with the baby, I am a bit nervous to keep it below 64. Several times I have put it up to 70 and it truly hurts my fingers to do so!

    I just don’t know what she will be okay at. I am asking the doctor at her next visit.


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    @livenactive 96626 wrote:

    Hello, I am livenactive from Alabama.
    Denise from Alabama

    Hi Denise. Welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing you around and learning with you! :xmas:

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    @Bluoh 95834 wrote:

    Hi everyone! I’m Grace, and I’m from Canada! I’m just trying to find my way around these boards.

    🙂 I love to shop. Especially for clothing. My second love is basketball.

    Looking forward to see you guys around!

    Nice to meet you Grace. I am sure all us newbies will figure this out in no time! :119:

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    @ab2401 95406 wrote:

    I dont even know what a food bank is, would it be something like the angel food net work?

    I’m not a cooker and all of my life(i’m only 20) have had things made or just went out and got something quick and easy, so I’m new (so to say) to cooking and what not.

    I love to cook. I didn’t years ago. I learned by checking out various places online. There are some sites where you type in your ingredients and it will produce a recipe for you. There are others that give you meal plans and grocery lists to make those meals. Just google what you are looking for and you will see them.

    One of the ways I learned to love cooking was to master meals at a time. For example, one of my favorites is a chicken and rice casserole. I get the meat from Angel Food, so I am not sure how much it is individually, but I think the entire meal would cost less than $4 if you priced it out. You take 2 pieces of chicken, 1 cup of rice, and 1 can of Southwest Cheese Sauce and combine them (remember to mix the Southwestern Cheese Sauce with water). You mix the rice and the sauce first, then add the chicken. Cover with foil or the lid to the baking pan, put in the over for 1 1/2 hours on 350 and go about your evening. Wuh la. You have a meal. Another good thing that is quick and easy is the McCormick Homestyle Chicken season in a bag meal. You just take the bag, mix the spices, throw in chicken, carrots, and broccoli (or any other veggies), put in the oven at 350 for half an hour or so and you are done. There are a lot of recipes like that out there.

    Finally, you should think about your health with your budget. TV dinners are filled with sodium. If you are eating pizza one night, tv dinners two night, hot dogs another night, gosh. You will be looking at high blood pressure and other problems soon. That is a LOT of sodium. I think you can find better, cheaper alternatives by looking around online. Practice. That’s all there is to it. Also, each of those meals could be eaten by the baby when the time comes around, as I have a 10 month old who LOVES the meals.

    Good luck!

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    @redring 9743 wrote:

    I couldent figure whear else to post this and here seemed a good place.
    My question is “how much dose everyone spend weekely on a two person gerocerie bill?” …. Any tips on keeping him in for dinner?

    I use Angel Food Ministries, 1 box a month for $30 and it feeds my daughter and I for a full month. Lately the meats have been coming in individual servings where you can cut them and leave the rest frozen, which has helped. Add to the $30 a month, the $70 I spend on milk, juice, fresh fruits, veggies, bottled water, and “quick meals,” and we are at $100 for a family of two.

    I will be able to cut it down more with the help of this group and learning how to make “quick meals” of my own.

    I used to spend a LOT more, but I cut out junk from my diet. I don’t keep it in the house. I think I will be able to cut it down more when we cut out soda and juice from our daily diets and when I become better at choosing veggies, as I tend to overdo it and then throw a lot out.


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    Thanks for posting this. My daughter’s room is really cold so I am going to try lining the curtains and seeing if that helps. I appreciate the info!

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    I agree about thanking the creators of this site, moderators, etc. While I know there are several sites to go to, it is hard to keep track of them all. By surfing around this site, I have already found some very useful ideas that should help me be able to save money this year!

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    I didn’t have anything in my mailbox! I guess I need to get more active on the site first!

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