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    Hi! I hope you enjoy the forum and find many helpful tips and tricks! ~Shell

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    I don’t think you can truly pass this type of legislature. I think if this is what we are worried about passing for laws, then we have a huge problem for the next four years, as there are some real issues to deal with.

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    I don’t have anything above what everyone says, but I went through this and learned my lesson the hard way. the first step is for you to make a commitment to stopping. the second is to cancel and cut up all credit cards.

    the third is to move to all cash. take a certain amount out. when it is gone it is gone.

    but until you have a budget, you won’t know how much is okay. if you have ms office excel, download the household budget file from the website. it is really eye opening.


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    Can the items be from a container in the freezer? If so I can help you with some freezer meals that cost between $3.00 and $6.00 to feed a family of 3 for at least 2 meals (with good size portions and not too many calories). I will wait to post them until I know!

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    Burger King coupons. Nothing else.

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    @redring 99598 wrote:

    I know a dozen corners I could cut if I could be home. the problem here is how when DH and I both work 10 hr days. I do good to get laundry and dishes don.

    The weekends are a disaster of doing errands. this week I forgot to put a stamp on our house payment and got it back in the mail. We work factory and now we are worried for our jobs.

    things just keep getting harder. I am happy for any tips tricks and saveings I can find.

    i am happy to not be home and to work full time, but i hear you about it being easier to save money and cut corners when you don’t work outside the home. i am learning discipline though and how to say no to the extras, like lunch, clothes, etc. i am learning how to invest in gift cards, freecycle, and other ways of getting things free, cheap, or for less than full price and only when needed.


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    @mdowdy 99585 wrote:

    Sure Shell I will be glad to let you know how I do it, I will get that thread started in the finance section in the next couple of days. …

    What do you consider extra? Are you talking extra material things or extra money lol …

    i think part of what helps us is we live in a city where the cost of living is not that high, so what we can get for a certain amount may not be an option for everyone.

    thank you! it may be that we can help each other out. even though i can’t imagine living on such a small salary, i do know how to save money, as i don’t like to waste it.

    ending up in so much debt and realizing that i may not have anything for my kids when they are older really hit home when my grandma died in 2006. For example, I live by freecycle. I think it is great to see what people are giving away.

    Sometimes you can really get some great things, depending upon where you live.

    I guess for me there are certain things I don’t consider extra that others would. Like a cell phone. It is not an option not to have one.

    my daughter is in daycare and i spend most of my day in meetings, so having a cell phone makes me feel comfortable. but, do i need the ability to see email from that phone, to use the internet, to text message or have i just become accustomed to it? i don’t consider the internet an extra since i attend school online and use it for school, work, my daughter’s homework, etc.

    i could consider cable extra, but it is a package deal with the internet and house phone ($60 for it by itself but $99 for all three for two years).

    Will you send me a PM with the name of the thread or a link to it so I can be sure to come be involved! Thank you so much!


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    Tonight I found out that you can make enough for 3 with this by adding some broccoli and carrots! I steamed them in an over the pot steamer while the rice was cooking and then mixed all of it together in the pan with the rice and it had enough for three and is excellent! The only problem I had is the stuff steamed before the rice finished so I threw all the stuff in the pan with the chicken and sauteed it together for a while!

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    @pup22 98709 wrote:

    Am new also & looking forward to exploring this site! Everyone seems so friendly!!

    Hi Pup, welcome! Did you post an intro yet? If not, that is a great way to introduce yourself!


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    Hi Linda, I think I just saw you on the other board. For paying off debt, I found the most exciting thing for me way paying the lower bills first and then snowballing the money into the larger bills. I started with a LOT of credit cards, all maxed, and have enjoyed watching them become 5.

    They are 5 with decent balances on them, but I will have them paid off within two years, though I am hoping to pay them off within 18 months at the most! Let’s support and encourage one another on our way to being debt free! Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome from CT. Like you, I lurk but I am starting to see that some of the great benefits are when we come out from hiding and starting earning points! The more I find, the more I wonder if I will ever be able to read everything EVER!

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    Welcome!!! I hope you enjoy the site. It has a LOT to offer!

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    @starsinnight 98967 wrote:

    this reminds me of an article i read way back in People magazine (not a scam) about families that live off half their income in which they donate the other half to charity. … at my work (i work at a nonprofit organization for low income people) the families total income is always about $5000 for the year!!

    and somehow they make it!!! …*sigh* but it does help me appreciate what I do have … which isn’t much!


    I am with you that it makes me appreciate what I have. I mean, if I paid off my debt (when I pay off my debt), I will be in a great place. I have a great career with potential if I just keep up the good work.

    If I don’t get this position, I have to believe the references will help me somewhere else. (I am a contractor right now.) I can’t imagine living off so little. I can’t imagine how they pay for anything.

    My goodness, for a family of three I am paying $7200 a year in insurance costs. Those families making $10,000, $20,000; I hope they are on a state insurance program. And that is just what I pay to have it.

    That doesn’t include the other money I have to pay just to use it! Co-pays, office charges, etc. It adds up.

    I mean I make a good living and I am on what I consider to be a bare minimum budget. Maybe need to talk to some of these people and find out what I am considering a necessity that they don’t – shoot, my mortgage alone is $14,000 a year and I don’t have a luxurious house at all! I really can’t imagine how these people live.

    Maybe they are in areas that have a cheaper cost of living?

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    @mdowdy 99559 wrote:

    We live on 18000 a year for a family of three. …I laughed at it then but realize now how our hardships then have made us appreciate what little we have now as well as how things can be done if need be.

    I can’t imagine living on that. I can’t even fathom on the lightest of nothing how you three survive. I am a family of three also: me, a teenage girl, and an infant (toddler?) girl.

    We do not live extravagantly at all and yet I see you saying you live on $18,000 and I want to cry for you because I can’t even imagine how little extra you must have. Is that super materialistic? I would sure love for you to start a thread on how you do it.


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    @wilbe95 99505 wrote:

    The combination sounds wonderful! Glad to meet someone else who eyeballs the amounts, such a fun way to cook but such a hard way to duplicate a recipe 🙂

    Yeah, I am having a really hard time sharing recipes because I am not sure how much things are. I have been trying to be better about it, as I am tracking what I eat on another site and have to note them…however, I tend to guess 1 cup for everything! LOL Oh well, if you love veggies you will love my recipes then!

    Hope you enjoy this one. I have never enjoyed eggs so much!

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