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  • As a single mother of five currently living on less than $1000/mo (yes, it’s possible!!!) My best laundry tip is to prevent stains when you can by using starch…you can make it homemade for Pennies and the dirt and junk will stick to it instead of your clothes, but, if you have a stain that just decides to be stubborn I use one of two methods: pretreat with soap and scrub in with a nail brush and let sit for at least an hour before washing or try a magic eraser!!! It removed washed (and dried) in ink pen from a pair of jeans my daughter colored on at school! (she was trying to ruin them because they weren’t “skinny”jeans lol I showed her!!!!) Doing this I have managed to use hand-me-downs for all four of my boys!!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)