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    Just noticed sugar somehow got switched to under wet ingredients.

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    I tried it yesterday but for some reason it came back to me as invalid, then I just tried it again just now and it went through. I’m not sure why that happened, but you should get it now at any rate.

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    The entire website uses the same format. No matter which way I try to send things to you, it still won’t let me upload anything since it says I don’t have enough storage space for my attachments on the website. I tried to delete images that are taking up space in my attachments file but it won’t let me erase what I have in there. Do you have a private email outside of the site that I could send an attachment to? That’s the only other way I can see it working.


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    Thanks for tips Liss. I used to take Imitrex, but then my migraines became less frequent over time so I never bothered to refill my script. Right now I’m using ibuprofen. When I start getting a headache I just have to isolate myself from light and noise and sleep it off, if I don’t it turns into a 24hr cycle of headaches and vomiting. Lucky me! I will email the article/photos to you shortly.

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    That’s too bad about the coupon clipping service omission because it’s a great resource, but there are so many other ways to get coupons that I don’t think leaving it out will be a big deal. I have taken the time to do a search on the Budget 101 site for coupon related articles and I do things a little bit different to maximize my time. Included in the article will also be a section on printing coupons and a look at printers because most people use traditional ink jet printers which use a lot of ink and the ink is expensive. I did a lot of research a few years ago and switched to a monochramatic laser printer (one of the best investments I’ve ever made), they use significantly less ink to print and the ink is a lot cheaper. This allows me to maximize my savings on printed coupons. I also took the time to read the article on B101 about the show extreme couponing and had to laugh because even though I have noticed that they do a lot of shady things on the show I have saved so much on a single transaction that I needed a manager override, I think it was close to $800 in savings, and I follow the rules, so it can be done.

    I also followed the link on the stay at home jobs. Good job ladies! I will include a link to it at the end of my article. Fortunately my article in no way duplicates what you already have posted.

    I’m finishing up an article right now. I had hoped to finish it last night but I had a headache that was quickly turning into a migraine so I decided to call it a night. I plan to start doing the bracelet project step by step tutorial pics today so we can hurry up and get it posted.

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    1) How to Maximize coupon savings:

    • where to shop & an explanation of coupon stacking
    • bulk vs. single packages which is the better bargain (based on coupons you have)
    • (Freebies) shopping from the clearance section with coupons

    Heads Up on this one:
    Where to find coupons & how to get multiples for dirt cheap“-

    this cannot mention purchasing coupons via “Coupon Clipping Services” as it’s a direct violation of my contract with a sponsor.

    This one, “How to clip & store coupons for maximum efficiency” – might be addressed here already, then again, you might have an entirely different method to share. 馃檪

    2) (Currently working on) – Food survival 101/ Being prepared for the unexpected
    3) (Currently working on)- A comparison of cooking fats/oils

    Hmm.. okay.. sounds good.

    4) Treat yourself for Valentines Day (For the single ladies) Make your own charm bracelet tutorial. (could also be a good mother-daughter project)

    LOVE that, beautiful bracelet, better than Pandora!

    5) A comparison of heating fuels (oil, gas, wood, pellets). Why wood and pellet stoves are the best bargains and why now is the time to buy a new heating appliance for next winter (spring clearance savings)

    Ok.. interesting…

    6) Great Jobs for Stay at home moms

    Feel free to plug our Work at home Moms website, Work At Home Jobs & Starting a Home Based Business

    7) Making Sweet dried cranberries for snacks and salads

    8) Making cinnamon apple chips in the oven

    YUM on both 馃檪

    Thanks simone, I’m looking forward to reading them!

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    OMG, the booby feet thing was hilarious. I saw the same post on facebook and was thinking about trying it, thanks for saving me from my own stupidity. I read the other post about the waxing thing too and I had to laugh because I’ve been there before. I had to use baby oil to get the damn stuff off. I also went to a spa once and was going to get a Brazilian as a gift to my hubby. Now I’m at an age in my life where I can admit I’ve waxed just about everything including my upper lip (damn my German ancestors lol), and I don’t find it painful, but God did not intend for the nether regions of a woman to be waxed. I just about passed out from the pain. After one strip I told the woman that I changed my mind.

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    I swear sometimes I feel like I have gremlins in my computer because I’m so cautious and yet when I go back and reread stuff I always find typos. Some people would be shocked to know I actually graduated from college, lol. Although I’m sure you know what I meant to say it still drives me crazy. I will accept the $12. I realize you are working within a budget and have probably set your fees accordingly. I do want you to know though that although I know a lot about a large variety of topics, I don’t know everything, so I do generally need to follow up on information when I write articles such as checking my memory against the facts and looking for new information to add to what I already know. This takes time, as does writing articles, and editing them. The process is very time consuming. Some people might say it’s just a blog but I won’t put my name on anything that isn’t professionally written. As I’m sure you have already noticed I take a lot of pride in my work, and I enjoy writing about matters pertaining to frugal living. I think sites like budget101 are a vital public service, and I appreciate the opportunity to help others through my articles.

    On another matter, I was wondering what you would think of a how-to video? It doesn’t seem that this site has the capability of loading videos directly, but I could insert a link to a video loaded onto my You Tube channel. Let me know if it’s an idea worth pursuing.


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    Liss please add the edits below to the article. Changes are highlighted in red. One highlighted word is starred, that word needs to be omitted. I’m not sure how I missed these, but sometimes my 1yr old daughter tries to climb on me while I type so that could be it, lol.

    The dizzying array of gardening products required to maintain a garden can be overwhelming. After adding up the cost of purchasing fertilizers, pH soil adjusters, and pest control products you might find it cheaper to convert to fake flowers and just get your produce at the grocery store. Worse yet, a large number of the gardening products sold in stores are harmful for the environment and make our produce toxic to consume. Fortunately you can make your own gardening products using non-toxic ingredients already found in your home. Many of these ingredients can be obtained at little or no cost.
    Some plants such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, foxgloves, bleeding hearts, and blueberry bushes grow best in acidic soil. A lower pH makes minerals soluble and allows the plant to absorb vital nutrients. If you have a Rhododendron that won鈥檛 bloom it could be that your soil pH is too high. This can be easily remedied by using a variety of substances already found in your home, many of which regularly end up in the trash.
    Products that lower Soil pH
    Coffee grounds,
    Left over coffee
    Expired orange, pineapple, or grapefruit juice
    Pine needles
    My favorite flower, peonys, along with lilacs, sage, poppys, and sunflowers, grow best in alkaline soils. Flower and leaf discolorations, and plant deformities can be an indication that your soil pH is too low.
    Products that Raise pH
    Wood ash
    Spread ash around alkaline loving plants, bushes, and trees. Use no more than 4cups of ash per plant annually. Since ash contains concentrated levels of salt it can create a toxic environment for plants if too much is used. Only use ash on well established plants, never on seedlings. Ash also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, and 10 other nutrients essential for plant growth.
    Egg Shells
    Egg shells are great at raising soil pH, but only if they are ground into a fine powder. Let eggshells dry thoroughly and them process them using a food processor, blender, coffee grinder, or a nut mill. A coffee grinder works best.
    Sea Shells
    Like egg shells, sea shells must also be ground into a fine powder. Save your clam and oyster shells from meals or collect some shells on your next family trip to the beach. Grind shells using a food processor, blender, coffee grinder, or nut mill.

    Other than looking for tell tale signs of soil pH imbalances, gardeners can also check soil pH by using an inexpensive hand-held pH meter. There are tests you can perform to determine soil pH by using household substances as well. For instance if you boil red cabbage the broth left behind can be used to determine soil pH. If your soil is highly acidic the broth will remain red when the soil is added. The color of the broth will turn darker as soil pH levels increase. However this method only gives you a general idea of soil pH, while a meter provides a more accurate reading.
    There are many widely available books which provide information on the optimal pH of various types of plants, along with other vital information such as plant鈥檚 light and nutrient needs, growing habits, and hardiness zoning.
    List of optimal pH levels for various plants

    There鈥檚 no scourge more dreaded than that of the slug. I鈥檝e seen them decimate whole gardens. They thoroughly enjoyed my strawberries the first year that I tried to grow a garden. Not only do they leave a thick trail of slime everywhere they go, they also leave gaping holes in your fruits and vegetables. Here鈥檚 how you can stop slugs dead in their tracks!
    Sea weed
    Grab some on your next trip to the ocean and place it around the base of your plants. Its salt content will send slugs packing and provide valuable nutrients for your plants.
    Egg shells or sea shells coarsely ground will provide a slug barrier for your plants. Spread it around the base of plants. The jagged edges of the shells will cut into their delicate skin.
    Beer, it鈥檚 not just essential for game night! Place beer traps around plants. Slugs are attracted to the fermented yeast in beer. Leave a quarter to half of the beer in a can, bury beer cans at an angle close to the plants you most want to protect. Make a rain cover by wrapping aluminum foil around the top of the can so that beer doesn鈥檛 become diluted by rain. Replace traps when they become full.
    If want a chance to eat what you grow before the bugs do, the use of pesticides in inevitable. On the positive side you don鈥檛 have to buy costly toxic chemicals because it鈥檚 likely that you already have what you need to make your own natural pesticides right in your kitchen. Use a spray bottle to apply the following pesticides
    Home-Made Pesticides
    Mix #1 (Lemon juice and powdered Cayenne pepper)
    Mix # 2 (Boil one cup of minced garlic and one cup of minced onions in four cups of water. Strain using pantyhose or cheese cloth. Keep the broth and discard the solid material. Next add one tbs of cayenne pepper and one tbs of liquid soap to the mix. Use within 1week
    Mix #3 (Chrysanthemum flowers contain a powerful pesticide called pyrethrum. This substance invades the nervous system of insects rendering them immobile. Grow Chrysanthemums in your garden. Dry the flowers and then boil them in water for twenty minutes. Strain using cheese cloth or pantyhose. Spray can be stored for up to two months.
    If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain it can be difficult to keep up with re-applying pesticides. An easier alternative is to add plants that are natural pest deterrents to your garden. Many of these plants have a strong odor or a bitter taste which can create a sort of fence around your more tasty plants.
    Natural Pest Deterrents
    A: artemisias
    B: basil, borage
    C: castor bean, catnip, chamomile, chives, chrysanthemums, citronella grass, citrosa,
    clovers, common lantana, coriander, cosmos
    D: dahlias, dill
    E: eucalyptus
    F: fennel, four o’clocks
    G: garlic, geraniums
    H: hyssop
    L: larkspurs, lavender, leeks, lemon balm, lemon thyme, lime basil
    M: Marigolds, myrrh,
    N: narcissus, nasturtiums,
    O: onions, oregano
    P: parsley, peppermint, petunias
    R: Rosemary, radish, rue
    S: spearmint, spiny amaranth, stone root
    T: tansy, thyme, tobacco, tomatoes
    Most plants need nutrient rich soils to flourish. You can add nutrients to your soil by making a compost tea. Save your food waste scraps and if you go fishing bring your catch home even if it鈥檚 too small to eat or is a fish that is not edible. *When Place your scraps in an old pair of panty hose or an old cotton t-shirt that maybe your kids outgrew. You can often get t-shirts at yard sales for a quarter. Tie off the openings of the shirt with string or rubber-bands. Fill the shirt or panty hose with your scraps. You can use almost any type of fabric that is porous. You will also need a cheap aquarium pump in order to make this tea.
    Compost Tea
    Step 1: Fill a 5 gallon bucket 戮 of the way with rain water, do not use chlorinated tap water.
    Step 2: Completely tie off the scrap container you are using.
    Step 3: Immerse the scrap bag in the water
    Step 4: Add 1 cup of molasses to the mixture and stir well.
    Step 5: Insert plastic tubing from the aquarium pump into the five gallon bucket and turn on.
    Step 6: Let sit for 2-3 days
    Step 7: Stir and apply tea to your garden with a watering can.
    Note: the molasses and aquarium pump are needed in order for the bacteria to break down nutrients.
    Lastly, plants require an abundant source of nitrogen in order to grow. As gross as it may sound urine is an excellent source of nitrogen and it鈥檚 actually a sterile substance assuming that you don鈥檛 have a urinary infection. The truth is much of the nitrogen your plants already receive comes from the urine of wild animals, and the runoff from animals on farms, as well as septic systems. Because urine also contains salt, urine must be diluted before being used to water plants. Water the base of the plant and not the plant itself. A woman named Carol Steinfield actually wrote a book on the subject. The book is entitled Liquid Gold.
    Nitrogen Solution
    Add one cup of urine to a gallon jug and fill it up the rest of the way with water.

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    I looked up snipping, you were taking about screen capture right? Just so their isn’t any confusion my image wasn’t compiled of multiple images if that’s what your thinking. I took one picture with my camera and edited it in photoshop. The only thing I changed was the background of the photo and the silverware.

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    I did some research on the subject and from what I have found on all of the legal sites is that a photograph containing logos can be used as long as it’s use is not indicating a personal relationship with a company. For example indicating that your site is affiliated with the trademark, or that two companies are related in some way when they are if fact not. Since the article is about a multitude of places to eat the photograph could not have been misconstrued to indicate a relationship about their affiliation with the budget site or an affiliation with one another. However I can understand why you would not want to use since it seems like a bit of a gray area. I did like the photo that you ended up choosing for the article. You will have to explain what a “snip” is never heard of that one. Also I took a picture of a tropicana carton and added it to my collage for the gardening article, but I can easily remove it and add a picture of an orange instead if you want me to?

    Here is a legal link about trademarks and logos in photographs if you want to check it out.

    Trademark FAQ | American Society of Media Photographers


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    Hi Liss, in my last email I sent you a link to the baby shower article with a new photo that I created from scratch, but I saw in your last email that you were still referring to the first photo , which you said was not accepted. In case you missed it here is the link with the updated photo again,…iven-4381.html
    As an after though I wondered if maybe you were interested in adding a pdf file template to the article to allow visitors to make their own gift certificates, since you don’t use links to external sites? If your interested in having me do that it would be extra.

    Also, I just got done editing an article and an accompanying image that I took the liberty of posting. I submitted the article to you previously in an email before you made the request for the first four articles.…less-4383.html

    I’m diligently working on the gardening article, but that one is a lot more in-depth than the others so it will take me a little time to complete. I also have to look back at some of my old notes and gardening books to refresh my memory on some details. I will try to have it for you by tomorrow afternoon.

    Hope all is well,

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    Hi Liss, from what I understand the images on that site are not copyright protected since they are free printables available for public use. The Gift certificate image was altered by me in a paint program to make it relevant to the article (so filling it out is my own creation, not the original gift certificate template itself). I just figured that it was easier to use that as starting point since it was free. I honestly don’t know that much about how copyright laws work for images that are made available for public use. That was also the only image submitted that I did not create from scratch. The fact that you are asking about the image tells me that you are unsure about it’s use so I went ahead and created a new one from scratch. Here is the link…iven-4381.html

    Let me know if I can assist you any further.

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    Hi Liss, All images that I submit are my own photographs/ creations.

    in reply to: Baby Shower Gifts Article #448849

    Baby Shower Gifts -

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